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In 2007 an old friend, Douala Cameroon, was dying of cancer. I hadn’t heard that Eli was ill, and was shocked to see him. Frail beyond measure, he broke an arm during the meeting but turned up for Douala Cameroon the closing ceremony Douala Cameroon after spending much of his time promoting ‘speaker’ lunches, where those starting out got to meet personally with leaders in Douala Cameroon the field. Mentor to the end, he understood that continuity is important and that we can only go forward. We said our farewells, knowing that we would not meet again.

Douala Cameroon Map Free – Douala Cameroon Subway Maps – Douala Cameroon Metro Maps – Douala Cameroon Map Photo Gallery

After seven days of lectures, parties or dinners every evening, including two days of committees to do with the International Union of Immunological Societies (I was President for three years from 2007), enough was enough. Though sorry to part from the experience of walking on the beach (and feeling quite safe) at dawn before the burning sun breaks through, then breakfasting on papaya and mango, and bacon and eggs and coffee and not having to wash up, and then listening to innovative science and having intriguing conversations, it was time to move on. The trade exhibits were packed back into their boxes and the venue soon emptied. The organisers could at least relax, pleased that there had been no major disasters.

As Rio came to an end, the travelling circus climbed into taxis and onto buses big and small and headed for the airport. Some were off for postmeeting tours, but most were too busy and glad to be heading back to their real lives. Passports were stamped, the few remaining reales were spent in the duty free or dropped in the donation box, then we boarded the Boeings and the Airbuses for the flights home. My journey was ten hours to Atlanta, then another hour to Memphis. It used to be that there were seventeen different roads to hell and they all went through Atlanta, but the airport is vastly improved since the 1996 summer Olympics.

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