People, look at this amazing view You can’t even see it right Right? Can you see correct? You can’t see it correctly Um, I can’t because it’s already been three hours since I’ve been driving My eyes don’t work anymore PROBLEMS You guys already know that I have bad eyes Sensitive eyes Because they’re so beautiful but with this comes the pain of not being able to see sometimes it’s a challenge In each car, there’s a stress level Look at this ENORMOUS truck People I have something to tell you I have my driver’s license Right? I have it Oh yea, you have it I don’t know how I also don’t know how I lived in Connecticut (Starts telling the story of why I don’t like to drive) I’m trying to accelerate Because I know you don’t like this Ya’ll, this is why I don’t like driving. Because of this evil truck How do you do it?


Because you have to do it But you don’t have to I can be here right next to you and you’re the one who drives How do you feel that you always have to drive? And I can appreciate this view We’re in the center of the The world? of the Grand Canyon I hope we’re driving the right way Imagine Ok, here we are in New York City You wanted to go there, didn’t you? So, we’re here on this trip, this road trip I don’t even know how to say that in Portuguese trip in a car? So welcome to our rental car Of course, Damon and Jo, we don’t own a car Do you guys want to know what happened? I was driving A rock Hit the car and broke almost broke the window The glass now has this ridiculous mark because of the tiniest rock And now we have to pay $, I’m not sure What’s wrong boy? Don’t make that face No, it’s cause I’m driving really fast And I’m here like, all happy Give us some times here I’m going to give some tips on how to drive and how to speak Portuguese Tips on how to drive on the highway First, you need to find a comfortable position Are you using sneakers? Are you barefoot? I am (wearing shoes), but I don’t know why But why? You always like being barefoot boy Girl?

Girlllll He walks into a plane and stinks up the plane with his feet Takes off his shoes, doesn’t even care But you can’t smell it I’m lying Second tip on how to drive on the highway You have to find positions for your hands Which means here Can you stop taking your hand off the steering wheel? Put your little hands on the steering wheel please Wow, Los Angeles, just miles left Wow, miles, how cool everyone, let’s do it I want to drive more “rapaz” Rapaz, what’s rapaz? Rapaz is a boy, it’s a man More slowly There No, I wanted to say that “devagar” is a word that doesn’t exist in other languages “Lento” exists Boy, you actin’ slow Me? Not now.

You wanna see “slow?” STOPPPP BOY Let’s talk about the story of Damon Dominique I need music. Damon likes silence. So eight hours like this Ah, so good. Boy how do you even explain Cuz I can finally concentrate on things in my life And I can control my spirit If I have all of this.wait a second Wait This thing doesn’t even work Because this little rock broke everything It broke the window then broke the entire car See you later, y’all They’re turning off the lights up above If you liked this , share with someone else! And also help us with vocabulary Subscribe? You know it’s not filming right? GOTCHU. If you liked this , keep watching Give it a thumbs up See y’all lata We love you. Wow. Already? So soon in this relationship. We LOVE you, guys. We said THE word Dunno if I’m lovin’ yet No but seriously, eight hours next to this boy. Ok, we have four and a half hours left But not if I speeeeeeeed up! Guys, keep watching the s on the side! We’ll see you guys when there’s a little more light Ciao! Can you say “ciao?” Ciao!.

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