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Coral Springs entered the old uninhabited houses that had unhinged doors. In some of them fig trees had grown, with fleshy figs which he didn’t touch, feeling that Coral Springs it would be like stealing. He went in the fields and gazed at the scarecrows with bewilderment; maybe it was their turn now to look after not only the fields but the entire village, for the day the inhabitants would return. Yes, Coral Springs because as his mother would say, many of those returning would understand that it was better to live up in the old part of the village, where at least one knew everyone and could exchange Coral Springs some words with the others. Not like it was in the villages of the coast, where people came from many different places and when they spoke no-one could understand them.

Coral Springs Map Free – Coral Springs Subway Maps – Coral Springs Metro Maps – Coral Springs Map Photo Gallery

Angelino pledged to himself to leave the village in the best possible way. He started by cleaning the open space in front of the church with a broom made of brier. Then from his father’s storage cabinet he picked up nails, a roll of string and some wire. He made the rounds of all the houses that were open, that still had a door, and closed them. Here Nicola had lived, he would say; here compare Rocco had run into the dead who came back at night, one after the other as if in a procession and he had fallen sick; and there was Marina’s house with its basil plants and the long, hot, red pepper still hanging from the window sill.

He would sit in front of the houses as if to fix his thoughts on the faces that he had known, to remember the stories he had listened to, to see once again
people who ended up who knows where. Everything seemed possible and the smile hadn’t yet disappeared from his lips. His mother and father were happy because the children had taken well the news about the family’s departure. Angelino tried to keep himself busy with always new activities; he invented new pastimes, pretending to be playing hide and seek with friends who were no longer in the village. It seemed to him as if everything had remained as it was before, and at times he didn’t even feel any sorrow.

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