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You may remember in the Berlin episode I talked about my brother who was battling cancer well a stem-cell transplant saved his life. And here he is he’s with us here in Copenhagen filming this episode now ordinarily this is the part of the show where we would do it be doing our sponsor bit but we’re not for this episode instead all the money that this episode makes from YouTube ads is going to the Anthony Nolan trust they do pioneering work in matching stem-cell donors with those that need a transplant. So that’s what we’re gonna do but we need you to do something.

So if you check out the show notes below you can see how to get involved becoming a stem cell donor is really easy it’s a simple spit in a test tube. And a blood test. And that’s it if you’re in the UK you can go to Anthony Nolan org or if you’re outside the UK check out be the match org to join up. And save a life welcome to attache the show that gets you in out.

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And around some of the world’s greatest cities my name is Alex hunter. And I’ll be your Sherpa there are a few places in the world that seemed a goner genuine affection from all who have visited or lived there places where the mere mention of their name brings a knowing smile to the face. And a burst of praise from the lips sure we all have our favorite cities the subject we debate endlessly with fellow travelers but I don’t think I know a city anywhere on earth that is as broadly. And unabashedly adored as Copenhagen. And when you come here you can see why Copenhagen is one of those rare cities that’s big enough to feel cosmopolitan.

And exciting but also small enough to feel intimate cozy safe but full of character. And charm combine that with a flat topography one of the world’s best public transport systems. And a cycle centric road network. And you have a city that is an absolute joy to get around Copenhagen is served in appropriate Sc. And inavian style by Kastrup Airport this is a very good airport consistently ranked among the best in the world for form. And function a rare combo amongst airports located just five miles south of the city it makes it deliciously convenient it’s also extremely well connected it takes on a train just minutes minutes to get from the airport to Copenhagen Central Station you’ll need a three zone ticket moron zones a little bit later. And that will cost you thirty six kronor.

And the ticket is valid for minutes after you purchase it you can buy your ticket on one of the automated machines or at the ticket booth at the end of Terminal three right above the railway platforms alternatively you can take the metro also directly from the airport can we just stop for a second. And appreciate a well-designed well connected anyway the airport metro station is also located in a covered extension of Terminal three. And tickets for the minute journey to Copenhagen cost the same as the Train permit should you take the train or the metro well if you’re after Copenhagen city or Fredericksburg the metro is the best bet but if you’re headed to Copenhagen Central Station or Western Copenhagen city then the train is much easier yes you can take taxis there a taxi ranks outside terminal but the train.

And Metro will cover you for almost all eventualities for a fraction of the price but the Danish efficiency doesn’t end when you leave the airport Copenhagen has a clean comprehensive. And well integrated public transport system with trains Metro buses taxis. And boats. And the trains Metro. And buses are all linked by a common ticketing system which makes planning your Copenhagen travel adventures much easier all public transport in Copenhagen operates on a zone system the smallest ticket is the to zone ticket which costs Crona.

And can be purchased from ticket offices vending machines. And bus drivers your ticket allows you to travel around Copenhagen in to zones the zone where you purchase the ticket plus one adjacent zone for one hour you can switch between all trains metro. And buses within this hour as long as your last trip starts before your hour is up alternatively. And I recommend this you can get a tourist pass we’re the unlimited travel on trains buses. And metros including to. And from the airport passes come in either or hour increments really not a hour. So you’ll need to get the one that’s most appropriate for your length of stay you can get one from the ticket vending machines out there at the airport or any metro station the metro covers much of Copenhagen.

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