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Runs every four minutes during the day. And every minutes throughout the night the urban train system or s tog is similar to Paris’s RER or Germany’s s bond system. And runs every minutes during the day s talk trains are clean modern. And most of them have free Wi-Fi methods of trains nor the Metro require you to tap in or swipe your ticket or anything like that you just get on the train but you have to have a ticket before you get on you cannot buy a ticket on board. And if you’re caught without one there is a very hefty fine there are bike rental shops all over this city. And there also a number of apps though I’ll let you rent one of these trusty Danish stallions all over this city you just download the app put in your payment information st. And next to the bike it unlocks. And you’re off on your Danish bicycle adventure the city is very psycho country some of the metro train.

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And bus system won’t get you pretty much anywhere you need to go but the vehicle of choice for locals is the trusty bike the city is incredibly psycho centric. And there are dedicated bike lanes on almost every single road few things to remember stay on the right. And use h. And signals to tell the person behind you what you’re gonna do before you do it lest you incur the wrath of a cycling game one final thing on transport as of spring uber is no longer operating in Copenhagen. So that’s no longer an option however there are loads of taxi apps available that basically function the same way. And are very easy to use we’ve been using toxic four by thirty-five same principle tell them where you are tell them where you want to go you can elect to pay on that app or cash to the driver very easy very easy my favorite form of transport in Copenhagen is a hundred.

And three year old wooden roller coaster I’ve been excited about our Copenhagen trip for a long time. And not just because of Tivoli the famed. And historic. And frankly wonderful theme park at its centre. And not just because my brother Andrew would be along for the ride but also unsurprisingly I am excited about as home to the legendary to michelin-starred Noma at one point considered without equal anywhere on earth you’d be right to assume this city serves up some extraordinary food. And. So we made haste to tour fallen an indoor food market to meet Asmus K. And ra a food historian cookbook author TV presenter. And all-around nice guy for an intro to a Danish classic small bird historian. So for me it makes sense because this is a very traditional thing although this is a different way of presenting it. And we’re used to. So it is basically an open s.

And wich I think that that sort of came around in the in the late th century with places all over all over the the city all over the country where you could get these different types of decorated open s. And wiches. And also the component is is it always the same bread or is it different types of bread you can choose the bread but it would often be the riot.

And then with something different varieties on top of it have a synopsis well for this it would be rude not serious not to respect the tradition yeah the name Snapple it means basically butter bread but the hearing is just it’s it goes way back. And it’s just a very important ingredients from all over Denmark like for the last at least thous. And years a thous. And years of practice has definitely as the old saying goes made perfect it tastes like Christmas yes ma’am thank you thank you. So good Copenhagen is in shorter places to get a beer after all this is the home of Carlsberg. And Tuborg the beer of Danish kings but Mickler has become a sensation both locally.

And beyond Christian Shepherd learn from McClure explains how it all got started but the Megillah br. And started in a like many other micro. And nano Brewers. And in a kitchen just a couple of guys doing homebrew big putts but obviously very very small batch. And somehow that small batch of coffee stout caught America’s attention.

And McClure went stratospheric almost overnight dem. And was there but there was no supply thankfully for you. And me they found a brewery in Belgium to produce their coveted recipe at scale. And once they got started there was no stopping them we passed recipe a year. And a half ago one thous. And different recipes yeah I know that’s intent in seven years in seven years show. And talk about being in the right place at the right time we got to sample one of the brewery’s newest creations this Belgian saison. So harvest time beer this particular one the spices. And this one is black pepper. And lemon zest. And the name came up because monkeys kept emailing Mikkel we need a name for the beer.

And his auto reply was on saying if urgent please keep emailing me. And. So the label of the beer this is shameless plugin but still please keep emailing me all the way down. And then they put that on the label cuz it’s not a normal name I mean other names a normal for beer there’s a normal name for beer. And it’s safe to say McClure is no normal brewery I’m glad they kept emailing because the result was delicious scold after a few beers tradition dictates to stop off for some street food.

And in Copenhagen everyone is talking about one place. And that place is dope I’m a big fan of this already I may just look like a hotdog but it’s actually a Danish Street food classic. And the guys at Duff have put a little bit of a twist on it as well it’s an organic sausage with mustard ketchup ram-leela fried onions fresh onions. And pickles. And to me it’s a work of art it was the single highest rated recommendation when we asked our friends on reddit what we should eat here in terms of street food this was it. And I am going to dive in Craig can I eat this stuff yummy is hotdogs tacular although Denmark is part of the European Union they actually use their own currency the krona now the krona is pegged to the euro at approximately. Crona to the euro the krona comes in half one two five ten. And twenty coins before notes takeover Copenhagen has a reputation as a notoriously expensive city. And I’m afraid that reputation is true it ain’t cheap here almost everything is eye watering ly expensive compared to other European cities.

And at percent tax on almost all goods just adds to that pain. And on that note let’s do the rundown cup of coffee I’ll cost you around Crona. And that pint of beer my brother’s drinking with kronor after most reliable indicator of a nation sconce to go Big Mac you’re gonna pay about Crona you have scrambled eggs. And bacon there you can order scrambled eggs. And bacon I think McDonald’s good quick word on safety the Danes are an extraordinarily friendly people which makes this a very very safe city but there are small pockets where petty crime is a little more prevalent than in the more tourist heavy areas common sense is your weapon of choice in that situation. So stoves. And fat stacks of cash in the gold jewelry Greg. And you’ll be fine one can easily be drawn into thinking that at times Copenhagen might feel like a frigid northern european outpost desolate.

And bleak in the winter only accessible to the casual visitor for a few temperate months in the summer nonsense this is a year-round City hundreds of miles south of the capital cities of its sc. And inavian brethren but frankly who cares about the climate Copenhagen is such an engaging City that its place on the map is entirely irrelevant in fact with its delicious food friendly people comprehensive transport system. And just plain the smart way of doing things Copenhagen is one of those rare cities that has me thinking yeah I could live here I could definitely live here.

And who knows one more trip back here. And that just might happen Hello. And welcome to attache the show that gets you in out. And around some of the greatest cities in the whole world my name is Andrew hunter. And I’ll be your Sherpa on this international adventure. And today we’re in the city of spires Copenhagen good good I think I didn’t want to say anything Daleks. And don’t tell them I told you this much I just feel like his stuffs getting a bit bl. And . And a bit dry a bit boring try it out try it out you’re bringing something fresh the beard is a bit much these days as well I just don’t know looking old.

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