Maybe you’re wondering in your houses what we’ve been eating here in Rio. Bunch of things! Bunch of things! Like Açai that Damon had A minute later It was great, wasn’t It? No! As you saw, I had a lot Açai Isn’t it true? it’s ok, but we still holding hands dating Oh my god. why don’t you like Açai? I don’t like the texture of Açai I don’t like yogurt, sorry. I don’t like cold this on my tooth like “freezing” my teeth I don’t like sweet things chocolate is NOT a sweet chocolate is a paradise! i’m stressed, guys calm down, it’s just açai no, but now i’m happier, because we are going to try beach’s food we gonna have lots of thing today guys, we just tried THE MOST desgusting beverage in the world, and you like it. Mate(kind of Tea) with lemonade mixed together, and than separeted this beverage is called mate, but can also be named death Mate for us tastes like cigarette with filthy water but there are people who like delicious? oh! you like just like that some say that the water that they use is dirty that’s why it tastes like cigarettes if you like these beverages, especially Mate please comment down bellow! WHY?? NEXT! is you that makes the best cheese?


Coalho cheese isn’t it true that brazillians love salty foods? puts rice and beans and fills with salt above the food you know that i have this habit brazillian happiness there is no other drink in the beach. look the watermelon I don’t like coconut, but I like coconut’s water, don’t mistake, all right?? you nailed it what? drinking? the coconut(coco) nailed it coco is poop cocÔ the cocÔ nailed it! next! move on with my beach yoke on my head to eat more brazillian food i’m saying, i get surpresed with the technology in brazil! what’s this? you press this button and a cold air comes out look this boy, he happy, he is refreshed! yeah! i’m a happy boy the technology here in brazil is way too advance I’m surpresed wow! surprised! and “drinking” and wet why you’re using other clothings? because we’re recording s for TasteMade Brazil comment down if you liked the new Jo’s style this is a building for the olympics that’s is NOT ready look! they just have three more weeks they build this at the border of the sand and the sea One step and the water is coming to break it all so, I dont know, good luck Brasil! what a concert that we just made! liked my voice?

I DID!!! We don’t stop I’m going to eat it all While Jo eats this. No. there’s more I’ve got this soup here that I just told Damon that he’s gonna die when he tries i’m gonna die? no, but for happiness look his face what’s it? lentil’s soup crazily eating it all guys, I want more what!! OMG it’s so much we just had something that i’m never gonna eat again. What was that? Tacacá! is not ok This Tacacá has a flavor of mustard with peacles? cucumber. no wait. it’s peacles! Tacacá, negative five, it’s not good So, where are here, in a Amazonian restaurant just to say to the ones that said that i’m not brazillian cause I don’t like Açai You guys never tried the PURE Açai, with no sugar no Guaraná’s syrup This Açai is excellent! It’s so natural, so dellicious, there’s nothing inside but Açai no guaraná, no sugar, it’s only açai yeah, it has a flavor of hearth, but that’s why it’s so good! it doesn’t have that taste like. thumbs up for this because finally Jo liked Açai!! this is açai oh! i’m seeing a bottle of sugarcane liquor yeah guys! guys, I thought that sugarcane liquor you could drink it all by itself, not only in Capirinha, but I thought you could drink little cups of it, but I don’t recommend you to do that. it was like that,. and damon like I just sipped what happened? his mouth completely numbed drunk..

I didn’t know that was “wrong” sugarcane liquor is already strong and Jambu’s numb you whole mouth it’s ok guys The boy is happy, I’m happy we’re going. I’m “still” brazillian. still? it’s temporary I have a headache, suddenly. water maybe? ok, water I stole from Pablo, cupuaçu ice cream What is it? cupuaçu wanna try? liked? portuguese. I forgot guys Now with the corn We eat lot of “corn” here in Rio wet corn? maybe I already ate min I already ate mini I already ate mine :) sad face :( this corn is so delicious, so nice-smelling nice-smelling??? we just got here at Rio’s downtown and we are having street foods we had sweet popcorn with condensed milk, salty popcorn, barbecue. that I ate, Damon didn’t because he’s vegetarian so guys sincerely, I wanna apologize to my tongue that suffered today with lots of mouth ulcers I need a detox juice, like a green juice oh! my mouth is burning so, if you liked this , give it a thumb, comment if you think that we didnt have enough food and tell us what food should we try the next time here in Rio, or Brasil Also, subscribe, see you in the next Let’s brush our teeth! So, lets back home to rest. and lose weight, but while keep watching the s!! there are other two here in portuguese, we know that you like s in portuguese, OK we’re making IT i’m exercising, keep watching us, see you then. BYE.

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