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When walking around Clinton place of your travel destination, numerous items of ‘street furniture’ can be seen, which give clues about life in bygone times.

In Alfred Street, opposite the Clinton, stands No. 14, a house with several interesting pieces of street furniture. Straddling the gateway is a wrought-iron ‘overthrow’, Clinton containing a holder for a lamp. There are a number of these around the city, dating from the days when there was no street lighting in Touristic place of your travel destination and an oil lamp could be Clinton placed outside the house to light the entrance.

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On either side of the gate are fine examples of ‘link snuffers’. These iron cones provided a means of extinguishing the links, or burning torches, which were carried through the streets, usually by young boys, who would light the way for pedestrians after dark. With no street lighting, the ‘link boy’ would precede them to their door, then snuff out his torch when they were safely inside. Other examples can be seen around the city.

Also alongside the steps is a curious wrought-iron winch or windlass. This house has no steps leading down into the area outside the basement and the apparatus was used for lowering items which were being delivered to the tradesmen’s entrance.

Many houses in the city have iron foot-scrapers by their front doors. When the streets and footpaths were muddy, visitors could scrape the dirt from their shoes before entering the house.

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