One of those overly productive days where I woke up and I’m like, it’s time to get shit done! The priority right now is cleaning my closet, maybe laundry. (babbling) This is looking busted. I’ve lived in this apartment alone for about six months. Why do I have so much crap? My goal today is literally to take everything that I have not used in the past two weeks to a month and put it in a bag to give away, because if I haven’t thought about this item, if I haven’t worn this item, if I haven’t missed this item, it is not important. Let’s get to work! Welcome to my closet! Wow, hoarder much? This is a mess, this is a mess. It’s really rough, people. We, as human beings, like to grasp onto things that are sentimental to us, and every few months, it’s time to think about what actually matters and get rid of all the shit that doesn’t. Where do I begin? Garbage bags. This is it. This dress, I got it for free. I’m a sucker for free things, so if you give me a dress and it’s free, it’s gonna be for me and for you to. And that’s all fine and dandy, until I look in my closet and I’m like, I don’t really need it. Just because it was free doesn’t mean it is for me. It may be for you, which is why I’m gonna donate all these clothes. There are studies that basically show the less clutter physically you have around you, the less mental clutter you have, and this is what the goal of today is.


I’m trying to get rid of all this stuff. If I have not wanted to wear this in a few months, I don’t need it. If I bought this in Thailand because I wanted to wear it in LA, I’ve been in LA all this time and I haven’t worn it, I don’t need it. If I have this sweater dress that I’m telling myself that maybe one day, there’s that perfect climate in which I can wear a dress, but it needs to be a sweater, and I’ve never come across that perfect climate, I don’t need it! Bye! I’m having all types of life epiphanies here. The reason why I keep these things in my closet occupying space is for the following reason: maybe one day. It’s not guaranteed, which means it’s taking up space for an indefinite amount of time for something that’s not guaranteed, when the things that you actually need on a day to day basis, you’re not even making room for, because you have so much crap in your closet of things that you might use maybe one day. Let’s just take a moment to talk about how many suitcases I’ve collected throughout the years. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and I’m pretty sure there are three others in each of those suitcases. Bag lady redefined. And that’s not even counting the bookbags. I have one, two, three, four, five. I’m giving two or three away. I have like three totes right there. Like, why do I need all this baggage? I’ve had these for forever, didn’t wear them once.

Bye! Condense the bags. So much crap! I don’t want any of it! What’s in this suitcase number? Oh, look, sentimental things that I have no business keeping onto. Goodbye! Oh, and just like that, a relationship is in the garbage. Well, no time to dwell on the past! Getting rid of crap that’s sentimental isn’t for the weak of heart, but you can’t make new memories if you hold onto old ones. Let that marinate. Oh, look, another bag! I can’t even tell you the one thing I bought in this whole pile of crap. It’s because I like free things. Garbage! But then I come across some things that I genuinely wanna keep and I’m like, wow, why haven’t I used that? Because it’s been hidden in my damn closet, that’s been cluttered with all this shit that I don’t need! That’s why I haven’t come across this beautiful designer bag that I could easily take on a weekend getaway. You see why shit gets in the way, and why you need to get rid of the shit that you don’t need? So you can find these beautiful items that you had all this time that you just couldn’t get to, ’cause you didn’t have a ladder to climb over the shit you didn’t need! I’m getting into this. I’m pretty sure this is Damon’s lip balm. I’m getting a little crusty from all this decluttering. Let’s keep going! I’m a hoarder, I’m a memory hogger. This scarf is not the four years that I had at the university that I went to. This is just clutter, and this is also going in the giveaway pile. Okay, Spanx are good to suck in, but working on your abs at the gym, you won’t need all of these extra stupid things that are just taking up space. Love this scarf, it’s basically a blanket. It takes up so much space that I really need to love it to keep it. This one’s stayin’. Swish and flick. Why the hell do I have a Hermione wand? Like, what am I doing with this? Where do you put something like this? I don’t know, which means I don’t need it. Sorry, Harry Potter fans. Swish and goodbye.

This blazer is important because, not only was it on clearance at Forever, but it symbolizes what I don’t want to do with my life anymore. I don’t want to go into an office every day and have to wear a blazer to be taken seriously. I don’t wanna straighten my hair so that I’m not disturbing anybody in a conference room. I don’t want to be around anybody who judges my ability to be a professional based on what I wear, so goodbye, blazer! I called for backup. Masako just pulled to eat some Kashi cookies. Yeah, I’m gonna help her, I promise. Oh my God, I’ve never had these. They’re so good. You’re gonna kill ‘em! Wait, so are you finding some treasures in there? I am, like, my pile is growing. Oh my God! It’s another perfectly great poncho, and the hood zips off. Maybe I’ll keep that one. You wanna keep it? It’s nice. Fine, Masako. If you don’t, I will. Throw it back on the bed. She was supposed to come in and help me. She making it harder! After about six hours, four bags of perfectly good clothes to give away, and a garbage bag, I’m done, just in time for all the stores to probably be closed. I think hoarders are all in denial. Are you a hoarder? No. She taking stuff home! This is Masako’s shopping bag! So, don’t forget to comment below. Are you a hoarder, and have you cleaned out your closet recently? And maybe, if you do a little mental decluttering, that’s my next episode. Like, all the garbage in my head that I don’t want inside of it. I’ll see you next time, bye! So, one thing I’m not ready to let go of, autographed picture of Damen Dominique himself. Is that the cover of Vogue magazine? Look at this sexy stud, circa!.

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