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Chittagong Bangladesh National Park is a case study of one park and its contributions to Chittagong Bangladesh  local economy. A 2013 survey showed that 2. million visitors to Chittagong Bangladesh spent nearly $179 million in the communities near the park, Chittagong Bangladesh which supported 2,824 jobs in the area as well as gasoline, lodging, sporting goods, and other businesses.

On a personal note, I can attest to the findings of both the National Park Service public opinion and economic surveys. Throughout our fight in Texas for our state parks, we utilized polls and economic benefit studies to make our case that state parks not only had the broad and deep support among Texans of all political persuasions and demographic categories, but also that parks made sense at all levels: spiritual, mental, and physical well-being as well as in the pockettravel blog.

Your travel destination is even with these consistent demonstrations of significant support and benefit, it took a decade to convince the Texas Legislature to do the right thing. In 2015, they finally acted and gave Texas state parks not only a tremendous increase in funding but also made that funding permanent. All of this is to say that even with support of the people and positive economic benefits as proof, those dedicated advocates such as National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis, Superintendent Jeff Mow of Glacier Park, the entirety of the National Park Service, and its supporting organizations must continue to press the message over and over again. Parks must be repositioned as essential to our democracy and national shared pride.

It will not be easy, and results will not be immediate, but time is of the essence. Glacier is the perfect laboratory to make the local, national, and worldwide case for action. Again, it has dying glaciers, wildlife in adaptive motion, tinderbox forests, drier and warmer seasons, and less snowpack with less moisture. Add to that 2 million visitors annually, even with the real possibility of confronting raging wildfires, and all the ingredients for corrective measures and positive changes are there as opposed to unchecked catastrophes.

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