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After years of partially successful experiments, Chesapeake I now have a second, smaller carry-on – an under-the-seat-in-front one – Chesapeake that is a computer backpack with a strap at the back to slip over the extended roll-aboard handle, and D rings outside that can be used to attach a couple of light karabiners – great Chesapeake for securing further small packs (a light camera, or lens case), a hat with a strap or even a pair of sneakers. The airlines don’t seem to be bothered by this – nobody wants Chesapeake to handle your well-worn running shoes!

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If there’s the possibility that you might need to check in your roll-aboard, it’s a good idea to also have a lightweight pack as an alternative container for any valuables. Outdoor stores sell tiny, plastic backpacks that fold into their own pocket to be no bigger than a golf ball. Then it’s also true that, while the airlines care a great deal about the number of pieces you carry onto the plane, they don’t worry one little bit about how many you carry off! Perhaps you’ve layered a pullover or two, a scarf, a formal jacket and a top coat to wear on (fine for boarding in a cold climate) but, if you’re landing in (say) the Australian summer, there’s nothing to stop you dropping the polar traveller act to stuff some of this into that compact extra pack for disembarking.

The obvious advantage of a roll-aboard is that you don’t have to hang around waiting for checked bags. At a very few airports there’s even a fast line through immigration for people travelling with only a carry-on. At a minimum, though, you must hand carry anything that contains lithium batteries, which includes most modern portable computers, and there’s a lot of personal stuff, like pills, jewellery, cameras and so forth, that does not belong in checked luggage. Bringing a roll-aboard also guarantees that you won’t have to spend even one night in a hotel without a change of clothes. With modern electronic tracking, the likelihood that your checked bag will go to the wrong place is less than it was in the past, but those white airline tags can be torn off, perhaps by catching in some machinery or other, or the wrong tag can be attached to your bag at check-in – people do make mistakes.

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