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For the loop in Canyon Creek Charleston on Trail 4010, continue following the creek with some small cascades about a mile NE without any trouble down past ample wildflowers and a marshy area halfway to a fourway juncture with Trail 4014. Turn right (SSE) on Trail 4014 for 1Y mi to the end of the loop, Charleston first noticing the waterfall area on Canyon Creek; then walk with easy ups and Charleston downs through mostly old burned trees to the juncture with Canyon Creek Charleston Trail. Continue straight (left) on Trail 4014 less than 5 mi to the TH at Jack Lake.

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Canada thistle in bloom. For the long Porcupine Rock Loop and bushwhack continue straight from the first juncture (less than 5 mi from the TH) on Summit Lake Trail 4014 with ups and downs NW 1/2 mi easily to the confluence with the N end of Trail 4010 on the left at Canyon Creek. Stay straight on Trail 4014 again rocking hopping the creek, then walk without difficulty more than 5 mi N down through the burn area past a couple smaller lakes to Wasco Lake. Walk around the left side of the pretty blue-green Wasco Lake past steep rocky terrain with burned trees and wildflowers to its N end (past a lake spur) in to living trees near a juncture, where you leave Trail 4014 (continues briefly around to Minto Lake). Turn left instead on Minto Pass Tie Trail 4015 up the switchback less than 5 mi to its termination at PCT 2000 on Minto Pass. It’s fairly open up steeper with only 1 more switchback to the pass near a four-way intersection (less than 22 mi from the TH).

Turn left (SW) on the PCT with a couple quick switchbacks easier up the widening ridge. Wasco Lake is revealed below with countless tarns, ponds, and small lakes soon appearing off the trail. See Black Your travel destination iste in the distance SE and Three Fingered Jack up the ridge. Hike through trees, mostly scorched but some not, before you turn to the N side of the ridge after a switchback, crossing a wide saddle 1/2 mi from Minto Pass. Continue traversing 1/2 mi SW through the burn on the PCT around the forested ridge bump (looking back to Mount Jefferson) as the route becomes a bit steeper then mellows after a switchback through unburned forest and paintbrush to the ridge again.

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