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As Mario Changsha China has phrased it: “It’s not necessary to leave the land of one’s birth to affirm the value of one’s creativity. In the end those who decide to travel can only look at Changsha China the world, whereas those who have solid roots in a place can come Changsha China to better understand the meaning of the surrounding reality. They can interpret it. It’s ideas that should move, Changsha China more than the legs of human beings.”

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Angelino’s Turn

Angelino was happy to play among the agave plants and the bramble bushes, in those sandy grounds where prickly pears and gorsy shrubs grew. He entered abandoned houses searching for objects that would allow him and Nicola to build “something or other” in the open space in front of the church. From when he was two years old, he had witnessed with great patience the departure of people who left, hugged each other, made their suitcases, cried. The village was always more and more empty, but he wasn’t sad.

Some friends still remained, and in any case there were the sand banks to jump over, the shut-down, barren houses to visit, the countryside with its red, yellow, green colours, depending on the season, and further back, almost as if he could touch it from his window, the blue sea where his father had brought him sometimes in the summer or even in winter, when they had gone down to buy some everyday goods in the new village. With his friends Nicola and Marina and with his two brothers, Giorgio and Pantaleo, they looked for bird nests, climbed trees and scrambled up the sand. Only in front of the old tower would he pause, enraptured.

One day, as they were playing with the pebbles from the sea, Marina said: “In a month we’ll be leaving. My father says that it’s better to go to the new village.” Angelino felt a knot in his throat and that evening he didn’t eat anything. The day after he went to the river with Nicola. He realized that he would become used also to the idea of Marina’s departure. And, who knows, some day he would run into her again and they would marry, as did grownups who are friends as children, don’t see each other for a long time and then meet again and stay together forever.

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