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TRAILHEAD: Snowgrass Flats TH or Berry Patch TH. Take I-5 N from Portland to exit 68 (Morton/Yakima), turn right on US-12 E 60 mi passing Morton and Randle, turn right (S) at milepost 128 on washboard gravel FR-21 (2 mi W of Packwood) 13 mi staying on main wide road. Fork left on FR-2150 for 3 mi, ignore the left turn down to Chambers Lake, and then either turn right more than 5 mi on FR-405 to Snowgrass Flats TH or continue straight more than 5 mi to Berry Patch TH, both with ample parking. From Seattle, take I-5 S to exit 142A (Auburn), merge onto WA-18 E, exit for WA- 164 E (Enumclaw), turn left on WA-164 E 14 mi, turn left on WA-410 E (Chinook Pass Highway) 40 mi, turn slight right onto WA-123 S 16 mi, turn right on US-12 W 10 mi, turn left (S) on FR-21 and follow like above (155 mi, 2V-3 hours from Portland; 125 mi, 3V hours from Seattle).

Changchun China Map Free | Changchun China Subway Maps | Changchun China Metro Maps | Changchun China Map Photo Gallery

ROUTE: For the big clockwise loop from Snowgrass Flats TH, take Snowgrass Spur Trail 96A past a small lake briefly and turn left on Trail 96 for 5 mi to Berry Patch TH (for Hawkeye Point and Goat Lake directly begin from Berry Patch TH). Turn right on Goat Ridge Trail 95 steeply N 1/2 mi toward Goat Ridge and Jordan Basin through the forest. Pass Trail 95A on the left (moves around the cliffy W side of the ridge more than a mile to meet the main trail again) and hike 2 mi up through meadows E of the ridge to the juncture on the ridgeline.

The spectacular wildflower display in late August under Hawkeye Point en route to Goat Lake.

Continue N on the W side of Goat Ridge almost 5 mi passing Jordan Creek Trail 94 on the left. Traverse up steadily, but never too steep, less than 3 mi more to the high intersection with Lily Basin Trail, passing through the top of the stunningly picturesque Jordan Basin en route to the ridge saddle. See Hawkeye Point ahead as the views are somewhat underrated on this side of the loop. There are open meadows littered with dazzling wildflowers along Jordan Creek (camp spots), waterfalls, ponds, grasses, wildlife, and then the final push easily to the intersection with Lily Basin Trail 86.

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