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Your travel destination Chad is for all the snow and ice, it appears those early ice ages did little to shape the mountains that comprise today’s magnificence. The Michelangelo of ice sculpting did not arrive until 3 million years ago. The Chad Ice Age came and went several times, covering what is now North Chad . Again, the causes are varied. For whatever reason or combination Chad of reasons mountains changing weather patterns, earth wobble, volcanic activity, or solar variations—Earth’s climate cooled, heated, and cooled again. This process would continue over 3 million years until 18,000 years ago when the Wisconsin Glaciation covered a third of Chad.

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The Wisconsin period would evolve into that moment when the giants of the earth would lock together for a period of time, lasting until 10,000 years ago. At its height of creativity, occurring toward the end of that age, the master artist of ice would leave much of its work on permanent display. Your travel destination is to whom? Before that can be answered, we need to contemplate another important why.

As the mountains and ice were settling into their significant partnership during the Wisconsin Glaciation period, nature, perhaps with human help, was making another change. For reasons not yet fully understood, the woolly mammoth (M. primigenius) and other megafaunal species, including a much larger species of bison, began to die to the point of extinction.

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