We know that you French people enjoy eating. But what do WE like to eat, as two Americans here in France. That is the question. For me, only chocolate. Tabouleh! My study abroad was rice Was it already open? Maybe I shouldn’t eat it. My study abroad consisted in this, only this. It’s good, it’s fresh, it’s France! Next! I had a hard time choosing between rice pudding, semolina pudding, fromage blanc, greek yogurt. What’s semolina? It’s the perfect texture. Maybe for old people? We don’t like very sweet stuff like mille-feuille. No no, this isn’t right. Eclairs? I have never seen you eat one. That’s because you never come to Paris with me! We bought half a baguette because we also bought these, what are these?


It couldn’t be easier to have a very French moment because everything is already ready to eat, even the little. they’re here too! Do you want my baguette? I don’t want your bread. This doesn’t exist in the US. No, they say that it is a French baguette, but it’s not. Jockey, It’s a kind of yogurt with straciatella bits it’s so good because it’s “smooth and soft”. It’s too sweet but it’s good! Oh shit, ew, who bought this? Little cookies with chocolate. With no sugar added. Yes, it’s dark chocolate, it is so good! Then we eat it! Shut up, I’ll put it in your face! I’m back after a short toilet break. Just kidding I didn’t go to the toilet. I know that you French people My next favourite thing is this. It’s very simple, but you all know I can’t cook, even lentils. It’s good that you’re aware of it.

I’m not vegan nor vegetarian but there are a lot of options here. reads the description on the packaging Is it a book or a packaging? The French language is like poetry. Everything from this brand is very good, so if you see “Vegan Deli” In Monoprix, Franprix, G, Casino, Simply Market or Leader price or Lidl. My favourite food is making me sick. I just ate a small piece of this and went to get the packaging from the bin to check if it was actually vegetarian. To eat what was in the bin! I want to show you More chocolate? No but it’s organic okay, it’s dark chocolate,. euro! Three years ago we did the same stuff with different stuff from the supermarket. Stuff, stuff and stuff. Stuff stuff stuff. Now you’d be proud of me because I’m eating the rind. I mean I’m eating the rind of the cheese. Right, but you need to like, squeesh it. “Whole wheat, rice and barley (orge) petals” That’s why I no. “Orge” (barley) like “orgy”, is full in the box? Less than euros. Like really France, I’m shocked.

It’s organic, there’s no. preservation? There’s no shit in it! There’s no “préservatifs” (French for condom) in this. I made this mistake once because in the US it’s called “preservatives”. How do you say it in France? “Cons.” I know this word. Cons, con. connard (asshole). Drink it Cheers. I have a rule : every time I go to the supermarket abroad. You have to buy something new? At least one thing. “Mini sticks, the mini pocket” I love that everything’s in English. My god, everything’s in English. “Made with pork meat of French origin, the format assures you a tasty savoury snack.” Okay, it’s dry sausage. It smells really good! No, smell it! Oh my god it’s so good. euro. These are called “crêpes dentelles” filled with Roquefort cheese. So, French roquefort, French crêpes. “Dents” (Teeth) not very French. One of my favourite thing here in France is the “Crêpes dentelles”. It’s really good. Is it? It’s like a salty biscuit. Hello, honey! Thanks for watching this . We appreciate you being here. We make s every French fridays. Comment below, do you like the things we have here? What should we eat next time in Paris? To the gym! Oh my god like, I want new pants. I want a new body! I want a new heart! You are so chic and I’m so heavy. I have already shown that I love chocolate. Damon corrects her I have.already shown you. I’ve already shown you. “I have already shown you” okay.

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