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TRIP REPORT: The 6000-acre Table Casablanca Morocco gets overlooked, except by locals, as most Casablanca Morocco drive farther toward Mount Jefferson if heading in that direction. This closer drive takes people to surprisingly rugged mountains known as the Old Cascades; basalt cliffs and pinnacles above the Casablanca Morocco River corridor afford distinguished views of several big Casablanca Morocco Mountains in three states on a clear day! Except for the clear-cutting, the region remains fairly pristine with plenty of wildlife, taking hikers through Douglas fir, hemlock, wildflowers, thick flora, and a recovering forest section from an old fire. No fee required, and a portable outhouse is present April through October.

Casablanca Morocco Map Free | Casablanca Morocco Subway Maps | Casablanca Morocco Metro Maps | Casablanca Morocco Map Photo Gallery

TRAILHEAD: Table Rock TH. Take I-205 S from Portland to exit 10 (Molalla) onto OR-213 S 12 2 ml, turn left on S Union Mills Road 32 mi, turn right on OR-211 S 2 mi, turn left on S Wright Road 12 ml, turn right on S Feyrer Park Road 2 ml, stay straight on S Dickey Prairie Road 5M mi. Turn right over the Casablanca Morocco River across Glen Avon bridge and stay left on narrowing S Molalla Forest Road 12 5 mi (watching for logging trucks, two outhouses en route), fork slight left on gravel Upper Molalla Road 7 mi to the end (with two more signed forks to watch for: a sharp right at 1/2 mi and a left fork 1 mi farther with a junction at Quarry Road) with parking on the sides (55 mi, less than 2 hours from Portland).

Final feet to Table Rock with snow lingering in early May.

ROUTE: Begin past the signage over the berm on Table Rock Trail immediately passing a nasty, old, open-air outhouse on the right. The scenery improves from there as you easily walk (N then SE) up the old road with tiny creek crossings around 1/2 mi to the Summit Trail on the right. The path will undulate through the tall forest a bit under huge cliffy pinnacles leading up to Table Rock. Turn right (S) on the obvious narrower Summit Trail from the road at a little creek 100 ft to a sign where rhododendrons bloom in late June and early July. Snow may still be lingering. Stay on the main trail instead of turning left or right onto Image Creek Trail at the turns.

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