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Travel the world. And you will find few cities. And beautiful as breathtaking as true to your imagination as Cape Town blessed with a perfect climate spectacular vistas. And some of the most productive farml. And on earth Cape Town at first glance appears to be the most salubrious place on earth. And it is but take a little deeper look past the picture postcard images. And you’ll also find a buzzing urban decidedly multicultural city let’s be clear this is a complex this is a contrasting city this is Cape Town welcome my friends to the mothership we’re about to l. And at Cape Town. So it’s probably a good time to talk about the airport. And for a long time it was weirdly difficult to get to Cape Town from outside of Africa but in recent years more.

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And more international flights of started serving the cities our friends here at Thomas Cook recently launched their London Gatwick to Cape Town direct service. So you’re no longer stuck shooting through one or two legacy carriers or enduring time-consuming connecting flights when you want to get from London to Cape County frankly why would you want to faff around with a connecting flight when you can enjoy all of this on a direct flight right after we l.

And ed I managed to ask a frequent visitor to Cape Town one of life’s most important question is I wanted to talk to Ray because I gather you’re a bit of a Cape Town steam yeah I love kpop why it’s the first time I went it’s when you go to express place in the scenery everything the people the food the wine is just amazing Epsom if you could keep one thing while you’re in Cape Town what would it be it’s like a hundred is the best time you could get you could get like a sixteen outside for about pounds. And obviously in the UK we’ll be live. So it’s quite powerful you didn’t even hesitate a bit highway all flights l. And at Cape Town International Airport located about kilometres from the city centre it’s a modern compact Airport that received a major overhaul for the World Cup when you l.

And go through immigration grab your bags. And are finally breathing in that beautiful Cape Town air there’s a few ways to set off on your adventures if your hotel doesn’t have its own Airport shuttle the best way to get to. And from the airport is uber uber X will cost you around to R. And it takes about minutes to most locations in the city be warned though during rush hour traffic to. And from the airport is gnarly to plan ahead for slightly cheaper options try the my city bus a one-way ticket to the central business district will cost eighty eight R. And .

And peak periods it isn’t much slower than a car the buses are clean safe. And reliable. And depart every minutes or you can do what Greg. And I are doing. And rent the car Corolla need to put up with this surely we can get a better car I know we’re a small shove it we can do better than this surely we can get one of those Cape Town’s public transportation system is very good but it won’t give you the freedom to having a rental car would it allows you to explore the Greater Cape region places like France look up here. And means you can do things on your own time uber is definitely the most popular. And frankly the windiest way of getting around this day uber is definitely the most popular way to get around the city. And frankly the easiest there are cars available all the time at all hours of the day. And it’s a lot cheaper or at least it feels a lot cheaper than most of the cities that we’ve covered in the show today the relationship between uber.

And the local taxi firms is unsettled at best. And we’ve heard from friends here that taxi drivers will actually try. And dissuade you from taking an uber but we’ve taken both always been here. And I got to recommend uber it it was cheaper it was faster they arrived quicker. So your mileage may vary literally. And figuratively but I’m going to stick with the recommendation of uber on this one. And finally. And let your fan of adventure sports.

And near-death experiences do not take a minibus taxis they are unregulated. And unsafe if you live anywhere in Europe. And you’re enjoying an apple in January or a grapefruit in November there is a damn good chance it came from the Cape vast plains of fertile soil a fair. And predictable climate. And a farming culture that stretches back for centuries allows Cape Town to produce some of the best produce in the world mix that with a cultural fascination dare I say obsession with food.

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