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When we lived in Cape Town South Africa , we listened regularly to the Saturday afternoon broadcasts of New York’s Metropolitan Opera. Now, those Met performance can be accessed visually in different formats, including at our local movie theatre, Carlton’s Nova. Though I’ve spent a lot of time sitting on committees in Cape Town South Africa over the years, there was always the possibility that the event could carry over into the evening, or there might be a joint dinner, so I didn’t book ahead at the Met. In retrospect, that was not so bad, as I recall several memorable evenings at the more modest Cape Town South Africa City Opera. Defunct for a time from 2103, the City Opera is now back in business. One production I did see at the Met, Puccini’s La Bohème, suffered, I thought, from the fact that the stage was too big and the set too far back. It must be great to hear Giuseppe Verdi there, but a smaller auditorium, like the one at the Cape Town South Africa Opera House, has its pluses for the more intimate productions. Any live performance of great music by accomplished professionals is a delight but, for ambience and physical location, nothing beats it!

Cape Town South Africa Map Free – Cape Town South Africa Subway Maps – Cape Town South Africa Metro Maps – Cape Town South Africa Map Photo Gallery

Like science, the music culture is global and scientific meetings often feature musical events of one type or another. These range from a dance band at a conference dinner to local, traditional performances and/or pieces from the standard classical repertoire. The performers are often conservatory students who can use the money, and it’s also been an unexpected delight to hear stars like violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter play at major conferences.

Building a research department in Memphis, a useful recruitment technique for promising job candidates, or entertainment for visiting speakers from anywhere across the world, was to visit Beale Street and hear, for instance, the late, great blues singer Ruby Wilson or the frenetic piano player Jason D Williams. The next big town east of Memphis is Nashville, the home of the Grand Ole Opry and the US country music industry, which, through their organisation Country Cares, raises a lot of money to help the sick kids at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Country Cares meets annually at the hospital in Memphis, and there’s always a great evening when the singers and/or songwriters perform at a dinner. Country music is all about being flawed and human, and a particular plus is that it’s usually possible to understand the words.

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