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Wonderful wonderful things happened Natalie. And Youssef owners of Bo Capcom base a cape malay restaurant in the district of Boquete the term cape malay isn’t necessarily a reference to the ancestral homel. And of this community but to the common faith shared by hundreds of thous. And s of people who arrived in South Africa often against their will in the th. And th century. So your nationality or where your ancestors came from didn’t matter no it was based on faith. And then you were given a label based on absolutely how okay. So my liars were caught what was given to the Muslim people I have no ties with Malaysia but we embrace those people you see if you if you come from Malaysia they will call you a Malaysian not Emily a Malaysian but the people here are called cakes Malays good nothing to do with the country Malaysia but it is a term that we lovingly embrace you know shakes me said rose by any names very smelly sweet. So you call me what you want. And it’s all the same where they’re a strong community there is always beautiful food cape malay cuisine is the result of centuries of blending traditional south african staples with the spices techniques.

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And flavors of maritime Southeast Asia today we are serving you very traditional Cape relatability. And . And there’s a good history behind that also why the booty. And how it was preserved at a time when vibhuti during the slave time became one of these little meals all the people here we have a lamb curry without right. And the routine routines the flat forage we make. And roll them. And put them in the pan until it’s like onions with a little bit was the smack. And it comes all nice.

And crispy. So that’s your curry your chicken curry the leg of lamb that we use locally sourced ingredients flavored with spices roasted right here in the restaurant prepared by a kitchen team from all over Africa equals one of the most satisfying meals on every level that I’ve ever had I don’t think I’ve been this full. And happy in a long long time there’s a food whose very name will bring a knowing smile to the face of every catonian the Gatsby Gio Guinean II introduced us to this beautiful abomination the full one you can see fitted you know completely okay excited to try this because I’ve heard. So much about the euro Charles they give you the public you may see one angle for the my fellow very nice. And fluffy.

And light fries steak sauce cheese salad the Gatsby was originally created he’s hungry fishermen after a long day at sea Isaac area like a baby but it’s now a cape town institution the bitch is stunning I can imagine that this would be the best I’ve had a bit too much to drink food a little messy yeah I can see why you live. So close to the masala State gasps he brings a whole new level of spice to the game. And that is a beautiful thing can you pick a h. And No oh wow McCallum we had some amazing food in pretty much every city that we can keep but it’s going to take a lot to beat the Gatsby this is a very important question what is the difference between now just now. And now now over some built on boars Cape Town tech entrepreneurs Kobus. And rich were finally able to shed some light on a nugget of Cape Town slang that has confounded me for years no means is very crazy okay he is most like a whole number. So what now means to the rest of us like the normal definition right now now now means I’m running late it’s coming in for five minutes five minutes.

And you can ya say where you are I’m a marketer. And how we don’t know no just now in Irel. And okay I will meet it but just now. So that would explain why we found the lobby the hotel minutes from the person said we’ll be I’ll be there just now we’re like then we’re gonna serve right now finding to you but basics right there you have unlock a mystery of the universe within striking distance of Cape Town is one of the most productive. And unique wine regions on yeah I think South African wine is it’s arguably expose the most exciting wine region in the world at the moment in terms of old-world wine region you’ve got the established areas of France. And Italy. And electric sternness both California. And Australia but must get some visitors to South Africa.

And I know those wines quite well. And are looking I suppose in many ways for something which is comparable in terms of quality but is unique in terms of taste. And experience. So what about what is it about this region of southern Africa that is. So conducive to producing gray wine it’s really the only area of South Africa which is which has a truly Mediterranean climate. So warm summers long wet winters fairly cool winters. And then we obviously have the added benefit of the topography that we have here. So everywhere where these beautiful mountains you see around you has been forced up out of here you’ve got differing types of soil different aspects of the mountains provide in terms of the Sun where it’s where it is in relation to the vineyards. So we’ve got a really really unique topography. And terawatt Ian in South Africa. And particularly in Mackay. And what makes it even more unique is that it’s a relatively speaking quite a small area. So you only have to travel short distances to get extremely varying areas. And . And micro climates that you can actually go great thing I think that’s probably what makes us the most unique in terms of what we have selfing here Cape Town. And South Africa have a troubled past there’s no denying it there’s no ignoring it while it’s people are not defined by the choices their country made generations ago the effects of those choices are still felt are still seen.

And are still being reconciled today district six today what appears is a quiet inner-city residential area was once ground zero for the apartheid regime in Cape Town an almost entirely black neighborhood throughout the th. And early th century in the s the government began segregating communities based on the color of their skin it became a law that was called to the group areas F of whereby the black people were forced to leave with the black people the colored people colored people Muslim people more than people that’s why today we have the impotence of the telogen like langa which we are going to visit that’s why today we’ve got existence of both of the colored areas an existence of a modern area it’s because of that game system that the government introduced in the fifties Godfrey a community activist mozzie a resident of Lanna explained how the sudden displacement of the inhabitants of district gave birth to the township the other side that we just coming from through the road over the sides these are most of the houses that result first when the people were taken from those other areas surrounding Table Mountain they were brought up here they lived in these houses. And of course having lived in those houses they then refer to themselves as Cape Toni ins the government built the houses they build those houses here.

And out of them being those they were to you know cater for them coming from that side not necessarily to own them because nobody before was allowed to own l. And as a black person but after of course they were granted opportunities to own to open were open to buy. And sell this situation is made even worse by the renovation of overcrowded Township home to make way for better but much smaller housing which in a sickening twist of irony actually displaces more people different families. And he is salmon Wow. So you renovate the structure it only takes. So that you’re not solving the overcrowding problem shackled by the draconian apartheid laws the townships developed into self-sustaining community with their own commercial. And political infrastructure but with the dem. And for housing far outweighing the supply vast neighborhoods of temporary structures built with whatever materials the community could gather sprang up around the township that was one in the one of these.

So which would be this one twenty rooms intended for two people became living spaces for entire families but people like godfrey born. And raised. And langa have fought long. And hard to improve the lives. And opportunities for those living in the township they call it the monument yes I mean the locals don’t want to take it out but it’s against the law not to take it out but the people of this community that I leave it there by representing. And championing the township communities at a local. And national government level you get a sense that real change is happening in the townships the current cantilever is the r. And . And the value of the rant in recent year system to put it politely volatile but with the recent weakness in the pound in the euro. And a rally by the r. And cape town is still a very affordable sight oh we should do the rundown is there a cup of coffee. And it will cost you R. And which is less than one British Pound point of beautiful South African beer will cost around grams. And as much as you all hate it the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost remains a good old Big Mac. And that cost R. And cash is easy to get a hold of there aces you settle down do you mind – isn’t easy to get hold of their ATMs throughout the city.

And they’ll all take your Visa or a MasterCard debit card but a quick thing on ATM if someone approaches you. And offers to help you with your ATM transaction or ask for your help with there’s doff your hat. And crack on all they want to do is put their h. And s on your money it’s a common scam avoid it this is the most beautiful country I’ve ever been to I wonder what South African modern folk superstar Jeremy Lucas thinks about it I always loved the nature. And the way that I still had access to I suppose when I was young I didn’t realize that I had access to this really modern city but after spending years on the road. And nice traveling to every city in the world I’ve come to realize that cities are normally either like big epic cities or they’re very like nature places you know you have been in the Caribbean where it’s just beautiful isl. And s but then after a few weeks days you start to miss being able to get a coffee. And some Wi-Fi. And just a bit of that modernity. And similarly when you’re in beautiful massive cities like New York you’re like overwhelmed with the pace of it all but it doesn’t take long at least to someone like me to stop start missing the mountains see warm beautiful weather. And all year round.

And I think that’s why I always come back to Cape Town it always kind of registers as not just home to me but it’s just one of the most awesome places ever because we have this beautiful city surrounded by nature. And features. And mountains. And it’s kind of the best of all worlds you know. So yeah that’s why I love [Applause] when you come to a city like Cape Town it’s easy to flick between luxury hotel beautiful s. And y beach tourist rafting ABMC without actually ever seeing any of the real Cape Town if that’s your jam fine but you are missing out on a city with a thous. And stories to tell. So dig a little deeper embrace your sense of adventure.

And this city or ward you like no others despite a troubled past that is far from being resolved there is a beauty in the sense of pride the sense of community the pure positivity that radiates from every South Africa’s a lesser people would have buckled under the weight of its own troubled history but South Africans aren’t your average people they’re tough they’re proud they’re committed they smile more than any other people I’ve ever come across. And I think that says a lot about this country’s past present. And future you thanks again to our friends at Thomas Cook for flying us nonstop from London Gatwick to Cape Town check out the link in the show notes below to book your Thomas Cook flight to Cape Town.

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