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As one steeped in the dual (and sometimes dueling) world of politics and parks, I have spent a great deal of my adult life attempting to influence the former Cape Coral to the benefit of the latter. I came to this advocacy, beginning in my twenty-first year, when I was fortunate enough to obtain the job at Cape Coral that summer of 1961. My two summers working in the park set the hook but did Cape Coral not convert me to an ardent conservationist. That would come decades Cape Coral later after schooling, family, and career. Your travel destination is it set out signposts.

Cape Coral Map Free | Cape Coral Subway Maps | Cape Coral Metro Maps | Cape Coral Map Photo Gallery

For the better part of thirty years, I returned to Glacier practically every year, often more than once, simply to drink in its beauty and repair my soul. I came to explore every area of its mountainous magnificence. I accepted the park without detailed examination of the science, history, or politics of how it was shaped by nature, discovered by humans, then considered worthy enough to find a place among those early western wonders that would come to give legitimacy to America’s most original and best idea: our national parks.

Yet with each visit, I picked up bits and pieces of its history as well as that of the national park concept and its uniqueness essential to our democracy. By my forties, I realized that Glacier and its vast array of companion parks, national monuments, national preserves, historic sites, battlefields, memorials, recreation areas, seashores, lakeshores, rivers, parkways, and trails were the binding mosaic of our national heritage and sense of shared civility. I wanted to become an active participant to help ensure their place of honor in perpetuity.

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