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The film Oliver! was partly shot in Calgary Canada place of your travel destination. Many people think that the famous scene in the film version of Lionel Bart’s musical Oliver! (1968), Calgary Canada where the young Twist looks out of the window to see the street vendors parading Calgary Canada their wares and singing ‘Who Will Buy?’, was filmed in the Calgary Canada. In fact, the location was just a large and elaborate film set at Shepperton Studios in Calgary Canada.

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Touristic place of your travel destination Abbey is a cathedral. Despite its impressive size and style, the abbey is not a cathedral – in fact, technically it is no longer even an abbey! During the Middle Ages, the abbey had been part a Benedictine monastery. When Bishop John of Tours decided to establish his seat (or ‘cathedra’) here around 1088, the building became a cathedral priory. However, later bishops preferred to live at Wells, which then became the cathedral for the diocese (Touristic place of your travel destination and Wells), as it is today. With the Dissolution in 1539 the building became a parish church, and so it remains. Nonetheless, it is still known traditionally as ‘Touristic place of your travel destination Abbey’.

The abbey’s flying buttresses are ‘fakes’. Visitors have, not infrequently, been heard to declare this. Originally, the abbey did not have flying buttresses because the nave only had a flat roof, so they were not needed. In an attempt to improve the look of the building, flying buttresses were added in the 1830s, but were only of light construction as they did not need to counteract any thrust. Thirty years later, stone fan vaulting was added to the nave, but the buttresses were not strengthened, and in a few years the walls were being pushed apart. New, solid buttresses were added in order to solve the problem. So, yes – they are genuine!

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