Bus to Pokhara Nepal from Kathmandu Arriving Pokhara Himalayan Trekking Annapurna Region Mountains

And a beautiful morning to you. I am on my way for trekking in Annapurna. Nice leisurely start, got up early, sorry, didn’t pick the best place to do this anyway what I will show you, is my bus that is taking me to Pokhara.

From the main road that goes from Kathmandu to Pokhara there is really only one road between them and it cuts it’s way through the mountains, it’s really been quite beautiful. There’s the bus, we’re wending our way through this beautiful landscape where you can already see, can you see those mountains? There look, in the distance the northern mountains that’s where we’re heading oh my bus, that’s it telling me to get on board so let’s go. Hey, now the question is will I be this full of energy and at the end of ten days trekking through Nepal.

Bus to Pokhara Nepal from Kathmandu Arriving Pokhara Himalayan Trekking Annapurna Region Mountains Photo Gallery

And as it is it’s the first day breakfast, bus we’re about three hours into the journey so I think about halfway to Pokhara where we’re going to spend the night before we actually start the trekking tomorrow and it’s a brunch stop. What a beautiful location the river that as it goes about kilometers down here it gets into whitewater, so you do whitewater rafting here. I don’t unfortunately have time to do that this trip, but it was a little bit of a journey out of Kathmandu, but there’s you know because of the mountains there’s limited roads, a lot of traffic well not heavy traffic, but like buses and trucks and things so wound our way but as we got clear of the city we got into more beautiful country and the scenery got better the traffic got less and going on a, what’s called a tourist bus nice and comfortable, I did have an extra nap.

But now we’re gonna sit and chill for a little bit and enjoy this view. This is even before I start trekking or getting up into the mountains, I cannot wait to see what its gonna be like when we get climbing. Although my knees are a bit worried, the views will be great.

Okay, let’s see if on day, if I’m as energetic as I am on day one. Okay, last stop, Pokhara. Here we are.

So it’s off the bus and it’s fairly low key, there’s a few people there from lodges and hotels with signs, either they are trying to get you to go to their hotel if you’ve not booked and then there’s these queue of taxis just politely waiting here and they don’t hassle you at all in fact, it took me a little while to actually get the attention of someone to actually then negotiate a price, which they sort of like yes that would be fine, give me a price, it was quite cheap, but eventually got my taxi with my guide and to be fair he did most of the negotiating and off I went to my accommodation in Pokhara. Thank you. Made it to Pokhara, what a bus ride.

It was very comfortable but took quite a long time, so it’s already half past three in the afternoon. Let’s go and check out my room. Oh, look at that, bright, pink, sunny, my bags have already been put in the room how about that.

TV, I don’t think I’ll be reading that and presumably, the bathroom there we go, a nice big also pink bathroom. Look hot and cold, good instructions just in case you get them muddled up. You don’t want to freeze yourself and you don’t want to cook yourself or either burn yourself, but there, that’s a lovely room.

Oh it’s a nice temperature as well, it’s actually quite warm, but there’s a beautiful breeze coming in from, the window, there we go let me put you down there. Step one on the adventure to Annapurna, getting the bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara and I think Pokhara is a very beautiful place, what I’ve seen of it looks nice too but I’ve have been in the bus and the taxi, go to the hotel what can I say? But I’m gonna wash, change then lets go and have a look at Pokhara. Here in the middle of the lake there is a small island and there is a temple of Hindu, Hindu temple, right there.

It is Barahi temple so this area is more located for the Gurung people, Gurung ethnicity people. Barahi is the related goddess of Gurung, community people, also and all Hindu religious people they go to the temple to worship, so every day thousands of people come and go to this island temple, Barahi temple. This is the Phewa Lake here, so next hill at the top there is the World Peace Pagoda, oh that is the World Peace Pagoda That’s at the top, there.

In the north side all, is snow-capped mountain, Annapurna , so from left Annapurna south, metres and then Annapurna I (one), metre Machhapuchre is known as fishtail in English so and Annapurna IV (four), II (two) and then all of them on the Annapurna region, mountains. Thank you very much. Don’t slobber on my lens.

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