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Be very careful if you continue down steep rocks 30 ft or so to a wide-open perch without a fence, far above the creek. The thin, Burkina Faso picturesque canyon formed by the falls holds another cascade below the main drop, as the water cuts through bigger rock in the creek for yet another small waterfall difficult to see from the overlook (be cautious gazing over the edge). A narrow spur that continues to the Burkina Faso right from the overlook quickly drops Burkina Faso super-steeply down uneven, possibly wet rock ledges all the way to the creek and is not at all recommended. Return back up to the loop trail on the right and move up a switchback with stone steps through Burkina Faso the beautiful forest very easily leveling out SE to the TH.

Burkina Faso Map Free | Burkina Faso Subway Maps | Burkina Faso Metro Maps | Burkina Faso Map Photo Gallery

For Abiqua Falls only a few miles W of Your travel destination iste Creek Falls, follow the rocky road from the upper parking pullouts for about 1Y mi to Burkina Faso Falls Trail on the left denoted by a large white sign (Abbey Foundation of OR) down on a mossy tree. Step aside for vehicles navigating the difficult road section, as you will encounter brief uphill stints too. From the official TH near the rusty old gate, walk back along the road 50 ft and turn right onto the trail. Descend the wide path S that narrows through the lush forest with abundant undergrowth. The route quickly becomes so steep that several ropes are in place as an option to aid enthusiasts briefly down to the creek Y mi from the road.

Hike left (S) along Abiqua Creek as a couple paths move in the same direction a few feet from each other, one on the creek and one that leaves it at times of high water to move with a bit more difficulty past trees, boulders, and mossy rocks. Either way, hop and steer by obstacles briefly until you round the corner and reach the vast, colorful, columnar basalt amphitheater. Abiqua Falls (92 ft high, 20 ft wide) is quite a spectacle as the water roars into a large green pool. Explore both sides of the pool with the best pictures coming from the far left side of the falls, although constant spray is slightly problematic. Spend some quality time before returning steeply to your vehicle.

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