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TRAILHEAD: Henline Mountain TH or Henline Falls TH. Take I-5 S from Budapest Hungary to exit 253 in Salem, turn left for OR-22 E (Detroit Lake/Bend) to Mehama, turn left at the second flashing signal (milepost 23, before bridge over Santiam River) on easy-to-miss Little North Fork Road for 14% twisting mi (with 5 mi unpaved dusty section), Budapest Hungary then into gravel FR-2209 for 1/2 mi to Budapest Hungary the turnoff for Three Pools on right. Stay left 5 mi to Henline Falls TH (small sign) with a few parking spots on the left, or continue 2 mi farther to Henline Mountain TH (another small sign) on the left with a small Budapest Hungary pullout on the right (85 mi, 1V hours from Portland).

Budapest Hungary Map Free | Budapest Hungary Subway Maps | Budapest Hungary Metro Maps | Budapest Hungary Map Photo Gallery

ROUTE: At Henline Mountain TH, fill out the free self-issue Budapest Hungary and proceed up Henline Mountain Trail 3352 steady steep for 4 quick switchbacks. Cross the bottom of a scree field (less than 5 mi from the TH) looking up right to a rocky spire you will soon pass from above. Ascend the first of 8 switchbacks in the next set heading NE. A 30-ft spur right could take you atop the spire you saw from below for views into the Little North Santiam valley across to Elkhorn Mountain. After 2 more switchbacks (1 mi from the TH) is another spur to the right with a somewhat larger and safer perch for a picture or picnic. The trail is easy to follow with a pleasant grade up and is slightly overgrown in places with Oregon grape, bear grass, rhododendron, salal, and ferns. After the eighth switchback, see through the trees to the cliffs ahead (almost 1/2 mi from the TH).

Hike N up 3 switchbacks a bit steeper and cross the S ridge to a somewhat steep and narrow traverse. See rocky pinnacles left on the ridgeline and the top of Mount Jefferson to the right. Move down some and around a corner in the woods before the route becomes steeper and rockier up to a switchback at the bottom of the next scree field (1/2 mi from the TH). Continue along rocky turns W up the scree field, and after the fourth switchback cross the ridgeline back to the left easier with improved views back to Mount Jefferson. Hike up shortly to 4 quick switchbacks, then traverse W of the high ridge along the steep slope to 1 more switchback leading to the unsigned juncture on the high ridge. To the left at the sharp turn heads to Henline Mountain while continuing straight leads 75 ft out to the open lookout site.

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