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Follow the wide road down to the left as the remainder of the route is a cakewalk. There are two turns followed by an easy traverse as you look back through the trees NE to see Goat Mountain of Brunei Map and the very top of Mount St. Helens behind to the right. Reach FR-8117 less than 2 5 mi from the upper TH. Turn left (S) on FR-8117 then left on FR-030, and finally turn left (NNE) again on paved FR-81 less than 5 mi to either TH near the horse camp.

Brunei Map Free | Brunei Subway Maps | Brunei Metro Maps | Brunei Map Photo Gallery

ELEVATION: 4835 ft, with about 2150 ft vertical gain total DISTANCE: 12 mi round-trip loop DURATION: 5-7 hours round-trip loop.

DIFFICULTY: Strenuous. Several trails, fairly accurate signage, never too steep, slightly overgrown at times, ups/downs, minimal poison oak, long.

TRIP REPORT: Open late June through October, this is without a doubt one of the very best day hike loops on the volcano itself, here from the lower western slopes of Mount St. Helens. Check the websites for road and trail conditions (, as snow melts late and the region surrounding Mount St. Helens is continuously changing throughout our lifetimes. This will be abundantly clear even from the TH located SW of the summit, which gets moved farther S with every major rock- and mudslide. No fee or restroom.

TRAILHEAD: Blue Lake TH. Take I-5 N from Portland to exit 21 (Woodland/Mount St. Helens), turn right on Lewis River Road (WA-503) 27 2 ml, turn left on Merrill Lake Road (FR-81, Kalama Recreation Area, milepost 35V) 12 mi (gravel last miles) into FR-8123 for 1/2 mi to the end with plenty of parking on the sides (75 mi, 1V hours from Portland).

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