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It’s 12 mi to the next intersection at a small saddle S of Broken Arrow. You will follow the rhododendron- and wildflower-choked Broken Arrow SE without trouble along a sharp slope adjacent to a little creek. Then you will hike right (SSW) up a petite shoulder under a rocky spire, traverse right underneath a cliff, and soon turn left (SSE) around Table Rock’s NW ridge through more firs, pines, and hemlocks. You cross a scree field to the small saddle intersection with Broken Arrow, S of Table Rock. That trail moves right (S) to a little viewpoint, then up and down the connecting ridge toward the rock outcrop known as Broken Arrow. That route descends several hundred feet, however, from the ridgeline before climbing fairly steeply just as much to the other ridge between Rooster Rock (hike 50) and Rooster Rock Viewpoint.

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Stay left instead on the much easier Broken Arrow Y mi up a switchback, and then another switchback as the trees thin onto the high ridge with views opening widely. Follow the trail left less than Y mi along the open ridge N attentively to the very top; you might be able see over the clear-cuts to all of the major Cascade volcanoes from Mount Rainier to Mount Shasta (on a very clear day)! Return by the same route.

ELEVATION: 4624 ft on Rooster Rock, 4590 ft on Rooster Rock.

Viewpoint, 4338 ft at Pechuck Lookout; with vertical gains of about 1500 ft for both Rooster Rock and Rooster Rock Viewpoint; about 2500 ft including Pechuck Lookout (2000 ft for the lookout alone).

DISTANCE: 2 mi up to Rooster Rock or Rooster Rock Viewpoint, 4Y mi round-trip for both; plus 3 mi round-trip for Pechuck Lookout spur (5 mi round-trip lookout alone).

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