Hi everyone. Due to popular request, I am back with a workout tape that’s going to blast your buns. Is this the twerk to work class? No, it’s better. Come on in. No, I mean You know what I was actually just looking for You know what? The producers have put together a highlight reel of how much fun you had with me last time. I’m doing it wrong. Yeah, ya are. I’m sorry, I’m doing this wrong. Yeah, ya are. I’m doing it wrong. Yeah, ya are. Better squeeze it nice and tight. Okay, you got me. Let’s do it again. Let’s do it. Now that my star client’s on board, we can get started. Yeah, Jo. We have a special craze that’s sweeping the nation. It’s hitting loud like a thunder clap. Wait? Hold on to your panties. I can assure you this one will take the cake. You know, I’m really excited to get stated, because today is all about Okay, wait, hold up, but Exactly, butts. What our keystone flagship satellite office is all about or BUNS. You know, I was kinda hesitant about all this before, but now I love buns.


I’m just excited to see what juicy tips she has for me this time. BUNS, Brazilians United Nationwide So people can have bigger butts. I would love to see BUNS grow as big as possible. You know, with all the attention I’m getting on the street, I know that I’ll be holding on to buns for as long as they’re around. That’s right. If you’re not holding onto buns, you’re doing something wrong. Bubble butt Bubble bubble bubble butt Let’s get farted, I mean started. First things first, I believe we need to stay hydrated. Star client, can you fill up my water bottle?

Ow. My bad. We’re just going to forget about that. But you know what, here at BUNS, we do care about our clients, so what I need from my star client is to tell me what do you want out of today? Um, well, originally, I was looking for a twerk class. But for example, this morning, I was on Instagram, and I’m going through the feed and I see Kylie. I mean, Kylie Jenner. I mean it’s like a first name basis. She wishes, no. Um, she kinda wishes. So I’m following Kylie Jenner and she has what, like million followers, right? Maybe even. I wonder if she has more than Kim, actually. Kim probably has over a million. Anyways, so I’m on Instagram and I’m looking at Kylie Jenner’s profile, and I”m like wow. Like she’s beautiful, she’s rich, like she has the life, you know, and so I’m wondering, you know, how does she have all these followers? Like is it because she’s entertaining, ’cause she has a famous family or is it ’cause she got a big ass? You know what? I don’t care. Bubble butt Bubble bubble bubble butt Bubble butt Bubble bubble bubble butt Okay, so now you mentioned Kylie. Yes. And she’s always on Instagram. Yeah. Okay, so today’s all about getting that Instagram booty, you ready? Yes. Positions, planks. Okay. Now, we’re going to need a nice, firm plank. Wow. This is a core exercise but when you do a leg kick back like this, it becomes a booty blaster.

Wait, I’m doing it wrong. Yeah, ya are. Bubble butt Bubble bubble bubble butt See when I get on Instagram and I go to the Explore Discover page, I don’t know why, but it’s nothing but butts. It’s like female butts, male butts, dog butts. And I don’t know why I’m seeing that. Okay, let’s get to the next exercise. Planks. Oh. These are called rainbows. We’re going to let our rainbow flag fly. You’re going to kick your leg out again. Draw a little rainbow. Wait, I’m doing this wrong. Yeah, ya are. Bubble butt Bubble bubble bubble butt See now it’s summer time and when someone with a big booty sits down and they leave a sweat mark, I’m like, I want that. But my butt isn’t as well rounded, so can you Ooh, don’t remind me about that time in seventh grame. So now this next exercise is going to really work your lower body. Back lunge, horizontally criss cross, one, dip, two. Wait, I’m doing this wrong. Yeah, ya are. Bubble butt Bubble bubble bubble butt Okay, so when I’m in Brazil, I have one question typically. How, how are their butts so sculpted, their thighs so sculpted, their legs so sculpted, yet so smooth? You gotta be Brazilian, but let’s get right into the next exercise. You know, here at BUNS, our marketing coordinators decided that it’s really important to focus, not just on the BUNS but on your hamstrings.

Right. So let’s get you into the next exercise. Okay. You’re going to need to get into a kneel-down position such as this. Perfect. Now you’re going to kick your body up. I’m going to hold your legs. Okay. Now you’re going to lean your body forward. Okay. As fast and far as you possibly can, work your hamstrings. I’m doing this wrong. Yeah, ya are. Bubble butt Bubble bubble bubble butt Bubble butt Bubble bubble bubble butt Join us next time as we get you off the crapper into the club with twerks that work. Wait, wasn’t that the class that I signed up for? They hired a new instructor. Yes! Hey, is this thing on? Okay. It’s on? We’re rolling. Can I start? Go for it. Take one. I see your shadown’s in my shot, thanks. Could move out of the shot? Hey, hey, la, la, la, la, la. Gotta helicopter, you’ve got an ambulance. I know that I’ll be here holding onto buns That’s right. You have something to say? If you’re not holding onto buns Sometimes it feels really good when you do this. Honk if you’re horny. Alright. Honk if you’re horny. Toot, toot. Okay. I keep saying okay, okay. Okay. Okay. You know the marketing There’s no space in this Now it’s going to be hard, but you wil succeed.

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