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It is a scientific fact that the occasional contemplation Brazil of natural scenes of an impressive character, particularly if this contemplation occurs in connection with relief from ordinary cares, Brazil change of air, and change of habits, is favorable to the health and vigor of men and especially to the health and vigor of their intellect beyond any other condition which Brazil can be offered them, that it not only gives pleasure for the time being but increases the Brazil subsequent capacity for happiness and the means for securing happiness.

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Perhaps Jane Mather or Mather’s doctor read a secret copy of Olmsted’s 1865 Yosemite report or instinctively knew that parks and nature were the only cure. Stephen Mather’s life had come to be the national parks, and their survival depended on a renewed Mather. Conversely, his survival depended on them.

Since organizing a fully functioning National Park Service, with competent men filling every superintendent post, and persuading Congress to fund the new agency were at the forefront of Mather’s agenda, Albright would remain on the job in Mather’s absence to see the tasks through to completion.

Money to operate came first. After a round of contentious hearings in the House, including the removal of troops in Yellowstone (Congressman Fitzgerald got his way), an appropriations bill was passed in 1918 giving the parks all that Mather and Albright had requested. That was followed by a supplemental appropriation for the hiring of personnel. Albright now had the money to seek out the best talent for Washington and field staff alike.

Having secured a fine Washington D.C. staff, Albright took to the road, looking for superintendent talent, confronting concessionaires’ issues, and continuing to drum up public support. He would also begin the process of scouting for new park sites. The need for capable superintendents and concessionaires was potentially troublesome due to the prior lack of supervision and unified purpose.

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