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It’s the only way to get free transfers between those two services if you think you’ll use the tea a lot while you’re here it’s worth getting a day or week link pass for twelve or nineteen dollars respectively that’s really cheap in fact it means that they’ll be paid off in just a couple of trips it can be loaded directly onto your Charlie card. So you don’t have to carry around a bunch of passes with you technology taxis no as I said earlier taxis in Boston are expensive but they are plentiful you can st. And on the side of any Street. And hail one with your h. And but be prepared for the fare to rise quickly there’s bad traffic but there’s also tunnel tolls Bridge tolls freeway tolls origination fees. And tips. And they rack up quickly alternatively uber has a strong presence here.

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And as I said earlier taxis are pretty expensive. So uber isn’t a bad option to look into by the way a lot of people think we’re sponsored by uber because we mention them a lot we’re not maybe we should be hinted but we’re not we just feel that uber is. So ubiquitous in the world today that it doesn’t make a lot of sense not to mention but what if it weren’t grown as I should damn it. So those are all great ways to get around Boston. And the public transport here will serve you well but this is an extremely walkable city it’s relatively flat the downtown area is nice. And compact. And most of the major tourist destinations are easily reachable on foot. So put away the mobility scooters stow the Segway. And explore this amazing city got a spare afternoon.

And not sure what to do Boston has not figured out for you the Freedom Trail a two point six mile walking tour of historic monuments starts in Boston Common weaves its way through downtown. And ends up at the US Constitution you can follow the path by looking for the red stripe of paint or the red bricks it’s well worth your time there are a lot of great places to stay in Boston but I don’t think any of them are as cool as the Liberty why well this used to be the Suffolk County Jail. And they have done a phenomenal job of keeping the essence of the building without making you feel like you’re doing five to ten this is an extraordinarily beautiful hotel. And they’ve kept the prison theme alive with a bar called the clink. And a lot of kind of prison motif we’re st.

And ing on one of the old catwalks now this is a really great hotel. And a phenomenal part of Boston definitely check it out you because of Boston’s rich maritime history seafood is plentiful here. And it’s almost always really really good. And the fishing. And shipping industries mean the Boston also has a very rich rich rich because in Boston’s rich do it anymore but you can’t do it anymore the fishing. And shipping industry also mean that Boston has a culturally diverse population that stretches back for generations. And when they arrived on these bountiful shores they brought with him their food. And food culture which have since been adapted. And integrated into local New Engl. And cuisine with mouth-watering results to give you an example of what I’m talking about we asked our friends over on the Boston subreddit on as is tradition for some recommendations of what we should eat while we’re in Boston. And as always redditors were generous with their time.

And recommendation I want to particularly thank high tech city user high tech city for recommending a dish that I would have none have any clue about otherwise this roti canai at Penang now roti canai. And roti are generally a Malaysian dish but because of that wonderful kind of meshing of cultures that Boston is. So famous for you get this wonderful slice of Southeast Asia right here in Boston. And I’m going to dig in because I can’t st. And just sitting here while this is torturing me. So that this was them this was the number one recommendation on that entire thread on reddit.

And I can see why this is incredible now when you think of Boston you naturally think of one food clam chowder now you can get clam chowder anywhere but you cannot get Boston clam chowder anywhere ergo when in Boston eat clam chowder now asking somebody what the best clam chowder in Boston is is kind of like asking what the best Spice Girl goes like okay. So for the past couple of decades Boston has really been at the forefront of what’s really been an American beer revolution after years. And years of kind of being a joke you can now go into any bar in London. And American beer is fashionable. So we wanted to come to Boston. And find out how that got started. And try we’ve already tried it I’m going to give that away right now some of the best beer I’ve ever had we’re at Trillium. And we’re with JC. And Esther who husb. And . And wife which I love. And are the founders of this. So how did you because you aren’t like Brewers like from a family of Brewers this is only a two.

And a half year old business right JC had a real passion for brewing home brewing. And we he got into it I guess now years ago. And started brewing excessively successfully in our home. And I’m taking up every nook. And cranny of our space with bottles. And carboys. And. So when we got engaged we thought it would be really cool to hear all the beer for our wedding. So we did that. And we kind of created the br. And of Trillium too as part of that process just for fun. So JC brew three of years for our wedding which we created labels for with one of our very good friends who was a groomsman. And it’s now our graphic designer. And we h. And bottled. And h. And labeled them all. And we have this really fun thing to share at our wedding JC. And Esther’s homebrew was a huge hit.

And it soon became apparent there was a need to make more lots more. And. So Trillium brewery was born we do through quite a few farmhouse-style of years we have a lot of barrel-aged wild beers as well we have a native New Engl. And culture that was captured from the grape skins from the post we’re married this is the very romantic part where then we went back to the vineyard we were married out on our first anniversary with our week old baby. And harvested grapes with them which they let us take them back. And we went through the process of cultivating our own yeast strain which we you there’s a story behind every sip of beer the brewery has ever created from the romantic to the downright creepy like sinister kid a Belgian strong dark ale inspired by a particularly terrifying doll found in the rubble when they renovated the brewery buried in this space right here oh the eyes work. And they’re very upsetting. So you can’t really come to a brewery not have beer. So we’ve removed the offer competitive.

So what is it tell us about this this is four point Pale Ale four point blogs the neighborhood that we’re in service it’s a small but very important historical location within Boston it’s protected by the l. And mark Commission we’re pretty excited about being part of a local community. And every neighborhood chef should have their own beer this is the beer movie for the communities. So if people come to Boston how can they get a hold of this probably the most reliable way is actually just to come right to them I’m a I’m gonna come to the brewery on Congress Street um if you’re looking for a pint. And we have a very small retail shop Road across the street mm-hmm in Brookline is the public house in Worcester arms be a be great. And. So suitably full of beer.

And cheer we headed across town to get our sweet fix cannot come to Boston without having a cannoli from Mike’s pastries here on Hanover Street they are absolutely legendary. And percussing look at them one last Boston food nugget for you now I know it sounds cliched I mean you can’t walk through an airport anywhere in the world without passing one but Dunkin Donuts is a Boston institution founded just up the road in Quincy Massachusetts in Duncan is one of those places that it would just be wrong not to visit when you’re here in Boston now quick Dunkin Donuts protip here. And thank you to Stephanie at the Liberty Hotel for letting us in on this one Duncan is just as famous for his coffee as it is for its doughnuts if you go into a Dunkin Donuts. And you order a regular coffee which to me means black with nothing in it you’ll actually get coffee with a cream.

And a sugar in it. So if you take your coffee black like I do beware. So by now you’ve figured out that Boston is a great city. And you are champing at the bit to get here. So how do you get here well visit our friends over at Hipmunk comm or check out their fantastic app to find the best fares from wherever you are in the world to here in Boston like the rest of the US Boston obviously uses the US dollar there are a hundred cents on a dollar. And notes start at one dollar bills.

So you can quickly accumulate a fat stack when really you don’t even have enough for your bus fare at home. And speaking of a fistful of dollars how much the things cost in Boston let’s do the rundown cup of coffee will cost you around $ fine Abril cost around six dollars but the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good ol Big Mac you’re gonna pay about four dollars. And cents let’s talk cash money for a second what an annoying thing about American ATMs or cash points is they’ll charge you a fee purely for the privilege of using them now that is on top of any fee that your bank at home might charge you for an overseas transaction it’s really difficult to avoid. So those charges are going to rack up quickly unfortunately another thing that I think is unique to American ATMs.

And card payment systems is that instead of leaving your card in the machine while you’re doing the transaction a lot of them will require you to put the card in. And then immediately take it back out again which is weird it’s designed. So that you don’t leave your card in the machine but some people it trips them up. And they panic like I’m doing right now Oh as we’ve highlighted in a few of our past US episodes the payment system here remains pretty archaic but we systems like Chip. And PIN. And Apple pay slowly dragging the u.s. into the st century I hope I won’t have to go on about this for much longer but for now let’s run through it again at a borrower restaurant your bill is brought to you in a folder if you’re paying with credit card you give them your credit card. And they take it away to be processed they come back with two receipts one for you to add tip to don’t forget the tip. And sign. And the other one for you to keep it’s a lot of paperwork. And not to mention right for abuse but it is what it is. So be prepared I hate to scrape the crust off this barely healed wound but we’re in America. So I kind of have to look America has a unique.

And to many of you as you’ve been. So generous to point out in the comments a infuriating tipping system but the bottom line is this when you’re at a bar or a restaurant tip at least % now I don’t care if you think it’s a dumb system that’s how it works here you not tipping your waiter or waitress isn’t some kind of defiant active protest against a system that you disagree with it’s just you screwing over the person that’s worked their butt up all night to serve you. So swallow your pride. And tip now breathe I’m just just angry right now it’s just unfair Greg just gives a lot of emeriti just let it go. So that my friends is the attache guide to Boston if you’ve been to this great city. And think there’s something that every visitor should know or you live here. And there’s that one tip that you want all visitors to know then leave it in the comments section below. And while you’re there take it time to subscribe because we have some more great cities coming up in season two oh. And one last thing if you think that we should film in your city then let us know either in the comment section below on Twitter or on the face is that the face but I think is called the Facebook it rehashed action app chat.

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