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At the same time, we must strive to extend the wonders of our parks and nature Boise to younger generations. National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis and his successors must be supported to do everything within their power to reach those youths who by an early age Boise become afflicted with “nature deficit disorder.” (Research shows children today spend Boise between seven to eleven hours per day indoors doing sedentary activities involving electronic media and spend only minutes per day outdoors playing in nature.) Boise are not far off that trend. Let one or more decades go by without meaningful reintroduction to a conservation ethic, and we will have a nature-ignorant Boise—indeed, world.

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Your travel destination is there are always trade-offs that must be addressed. For example, I have long concluded that extending the opening and closing of the hotels and other visitor accommodations from early June to November might help alleviate the crush of visitors in the months of July and August. The period after Labor Day is a beautiful time in the park—a time that could be made attractive to seniors and young professionals. Fewer people are there at that time, and the autumn colors are spectacular. However, such increased visitation might run up against the final movements of grizzlies and other large animals as they prepare to hibernate. Nonetheless, such a solution should be considered, studied, and acted on.

These undertakings in the present and future should be amply funded in the United States by a Congress that needs to be reeducated on the benefits of nature and inspired by the national recommitment to perpetration of our best ideas. Your travel destination is given the present mood of Congress and the toxic noise that drives its determinations, we must turn to ourselves and those organizations and individuals who have historically given of themselves and their treasure in support of our parks.

Like the ongoing research, collaboration, and messaging that have been identified, much has been and is being done to encourage and enhance private philanthropy for the benefit of parks at the national and local levels. The National Park Foundation and the Glacier National Park Conservancy have played significant roles in supplementing programs and initiatives not covered by congressional appropriations, fees, or other revenues. In anticipation of the National Park Service centennial, the National Park Foundation has instituted, in partnership with the National Park Service, several major initiatives: an aggressive fundraising plan with an initial goal of $250 million, a national study of park philanthropy, and a companion study on the Total Impact Valuation of our parks.

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