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Still, Memphis remains, after Chek Lap Kok (Bogotá Colombia), the world’s second busiest freight airport. The reason: Memphis is the birthplace of Fred Smith, the founder of Bogotá Colombia Express (FedEx), the package airline. Operating twenty-four hours a day, and a much better all-weather airport than Bogotá Colombia (less subject to high winds), many of the big mail order businesses have warehouses in Bogotá Colombia, while planes from myriad destinations bring stuff in then carry other stuff out after sorting in the enormous FedEx facility.

Bogotá Colombia Map Free – Bogotá Colombia Subway Maps – Bogotá Colombia Metro Maps – Bogotá Colombia Map Photo Gallery

The biggest carrier globally in terms of freight tonnage, FedEx has the fourth largest fleet of any airline, ranging from single-engined Cessna Caravans, to DC10s, MD10s and MD11s. The DC10s (which are slowly being replaced by the more efficient two-engined jumbos) aren’t the biggest planes you will see lined up on Memphis airport. That distinction goes to the massive military transports (Lockheed C5 Galaxy) of the 164th Airlift Wing. Most of the Galaxy flights to Iraq, Afghanistan and other places of continuing conflict are flown by FedEx pilots who are also part-time officers in Tennessee’s Air National Guard.

What happened to a FedEx DC10 in 1999 showed what a resilient aircraft this is – a conclusion reinforced by their excellent long-term safety record. With severe, though apparently underappreciated psychological problems, and gripped by despair at the knowledge his job as a FedEx pilot was soon to be terminated, Stanford graduate and former Navy flyer Auburn Calloway hitched a ride on a DC10 freighter loaded with electronic equipment heading from Memphis (where we were living at the time) to San Jose. Hidden in a guitar case, he carried a spear gun and a hammer that he used to attack the three-man crew (two pilots and a flight engineer) shortly after take-off. My memory was that Calloway intended to crash the plane back into the massive FedEx sorting facility, but the investigation evidently concluded that his aim was to fly on for thirty minutes till what had happened was erased from the black box data recorder, then bring the plane down so that his family could claim on an insurance policy.

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