Best Ghost Towns in Colorado

Elmo near Buena Vista is Colorado’s best preserved ghost town even though it is classified as a ghost town it still has a few inhabitants and had a population of during the gold and silver rush until the decline in the s Aspen has a couple major ghost towns this is independence, it’s once held a population of people. After the mining bust only hundred were left until the storm of cut off supply routes to the town. the remaining citizens dismantled their homes to make skis and skied to Aspen they made a race of it the winner would receive a ham sandwich there are many ghost towns around the town of Silverton in these steep and rugged mountains were the majority of Colorado’s gold and silver there are still abandoned mills and tramways as well.

Best Ghost Towns in Colorado Photo Gallery

It is home to one of the worst mining disasters in history when Lake Emma collapsed into a mine shooting water out its portals miles away and with enough force to knock over a ton locomotive and now for one of the newest ghost towns Gilman. Abandoned in the eighties after the EPA shut down the mine for putting arsenic in the water the town is on private property and illegal to enter but that doesn’t stop everyone warning, you may be fined or arrested for entering this town I was able to capture some footage with my drone and with the help of some unknown blogrs The town featured abandoned mine towers, hotels, houses, banks, bowling alleys, labs. including this room which had a foot deep of x-rays scattering the floor the place definitely gives off a creepy vibe in fact here’s a mini horror movie someone made in the town oh this place is terrible on my sinuses be sure to check out my other posts the most beautiful waterfalls and most interesting places, the best swimming areas, the San Juans and more also be sure to comment for up and coming posts like the best caves events, hot springs, and more these posts are a lot of work with traveling and editing so if you could it helps a lot if you like comment or comment if you’d like to purchase a t-shirt or a print or phone case to help make the if you would like to purchase a t-shirt print or phone case to help make more posts the link is in the description below.

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