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Hey guys this episode is brought to you by ancestry DNA. And ancestry plays a big part in this episode. So stay tuned. And if you go to slash attache that’s slash ATT ACH II or click on the notes in the description below you can get % off your ancestor DNA kit today let’s make something clear right away Berlin is a cool city I’m a bur sexy poor but sexy as a former mayor once put it the low cost. And high quality of living has seen the young to creative the entrepreneurial. And the bohemian flocked to Berlin. And over the last few decades they have built a city a culture that is showing the world what it means to be cool in the st century in fact I am very sure that I’m not cool enough to be here but I hope I can keep the Sherrod up long enough to show you around this amazing city Berlin we haven’t known each other for that long but.

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And the feeling we’re going to get along just fine Berlin is not a small city. And because it was cleaved in two during the Cold War large parts of the transport infrastructure including airports were built on both sides of the then divided city but since reunification berlin has worked really hard to merge those two systems into a cohesive metropolitan transport network. And for the most part that process is complete but when you fly into Berlin you still have two choices to make Tegel in the north or shunt Feld in the south we flew into Schoenfeld which is primarily but not exclusively home to the low-cost carriers. So if you to arrive at Schoenfeld how do you get into town trains are your best bet stations just a short walk from the terminal.

And it’s served by both the slower but more frequent s-bahn. And the faster regional trains now despite what a lot of guidebooks will tell you definitely take the regional trains yes they leave less frequently but they also make way fewer stops in the a spawn. So we’ll actually get you into town much much faster. So jump on the re or the RB . And you’ll be at Berlin house down HOF in under minutes tickets can be purchased from one of the machines in Terminal A the railway station or on the platform itself the machines are in English. And will take your debit.

And credit cards but some only take cash to watch out for that don’t forget to stamp your ticket to validate it before boarding what about Tegel the main Intercontinental Airport slightly more of a ball like to get into town despite being closer as your only option is a bus or a taxi the TX L Express bus will get you to the health ban house in minutes. And bus stops are located right outside both Terminal A. And B tickets can be purchased at the ticket desks in the main terminal besides Airport information or the ticket machines outside terminal a you’ll need a ticket that covers zones a. And B it feels weirdly appropriate as we sit literally on the runway of the now-defunct Tempelhof Airport to talk about the weirdly hazy future of both Tegel. And schönefeld airports they were both supposed to start winding down their operations when the New Berlin Br. And enburg Airport opened but that was supposed to happen in here we are in . And due to a series of colossal screw-ups it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen for at least another two years.

And even then those airports may be kept open indefinitely to keep up with the overflow from the delayed opening of Br. And enburg. So stay tuned because I think that the airport future of Berlin is anything but clear anyway enough Airport shenanigans you’re deep in the bosom of beautiful Berlin how do you get around well as you’d expect from any modern European capital it’s pretty easy combination of trains trams Underground buses. And packages okay you pretty much anywhere you need to go it’s for couples also proposal to top the with the deep super guys to each other like manga document relative asking the devisor getting be development of individual Gaza Gaza in Manila pepper ground. And rellenas divided Pass means that even to this day there are a few key locations that are still not connected to each other by a public transport. So a combination of buses trams s-bahn. And the u-bahn is necessary to get around Berlin but don’t let that intimidate you the fantastic bvg app will help you plan your public transport adventures.

And of course Google Maps is great for working out how you going to get from A to B. And it has all the public transport options built into the about directions anyway. And the universal ticketing system means that your one ticket will work on almost all major forms of public transport you can get a single zonal ticket which is good for two hours but if you think you’re going to use public transport even more than a couple of times it makes way more sense to get a one day or seven day public transport ticket seven or thirty euros respectively we’ll get you unlimited travel on the trains trams subways. And buses within zones a. And B which covers most of Berlin as far as I’m concerned these are a no-brainer very important public transport tip make sure you validate your ticket before you get on public transport using one of the machines that you can find on the s-bahn.

And u-bahn platforms or on the bus almost the entire Berlin public transport network is based on an honor system really but there are plainclothes ticket inspectors everywhere. And if you get caught without a validated ticket it’s a euro fine. And more importantly everyone will think you’re kind of a dick finally this is an extremely bankable City it’s almost completely flat there’s bike rental spots all over the city including outside of train stations. And weirdly enough little supermarkets. And to top it all off there’s eight hundred.

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