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Sixty kilometres of dedicated bike path eight hundred. And sixty kilometres Berlin you are. So lucky. So grab a bike grab a map hit the road or the dedicated bike path. And explore. So you might be wondering what made us choose Berlin for an episode of attaché well apart from the obvious there’s actually a funny story let me take you back in time to about two weeks ago. So we thought we’d do something a little bit. And figuring out where we’re going to go for our next episode we’re being sponsored by ancestry DNA this episode. And a few weeks ago I got the ancestry DNA kit. And took the test. And we just got the results. And it’s super easy to do in fact you can do this too if you just go to slash @sj you can order a cake you’ll get % off as well if you use that URL it send you a kit you spit which I’m very good at into this little test tube send the kid away.

And then in to weeks you get these results they take like billions of historical records the millions of family trees. And like million DNA samples. And compare your spit – all those people spit or DNA really now I have a pretty good idea where I’m going to be from it’s Scotl. And my gr. And father is very Scottish. And I know that my roots go back pretty far Matt in that area Wow okay. So a lot of them are from southeast Engl. And which which makes sense my maternal family. And ancestors are from southeast Engl. And it also says that % of my distant ancestors are from Germany which I had absolutely no idea this is a Havas assassinating. And actually know what now that I think about it I mean I haven’t really talked about this but my middle brother have two brothers he’s been battling cancer for a long time he’s had a stem-cell transplant.

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And they go around these databases looking for stem-cell matches. And the to perfect literally perfect matches that he had I did it I was nowhere near perfect match the two perfect Lindsey Hannibal both journey. So we’re going to we’re going to Germany. So that is why we’re in Germany. And if you want to take the same test that I did. And discover your ancestry just go to slash attache that’s slash ATT ACH II or click on the link in the show notes below. And when you get your results come back. And comment. And use the hashtag my ancestry. And let us know what you discovered Berlin loves street food I love street food ergo I love Berlin all over Berlin you can find superb extremely affordable food for just a few euros nestled under the tracks of the s-bahn hold up in temporary cabins across the city are the purveyors of some of the finest Street eats in the world examples you say how about this curry Wurst you cannot come to Berlin.

And not have curry Wurst I love the story of how this came to exist legend goes MIT in character holy or one of the more entrepreneurial post-war residents of Berlin got hold of some ketchup or Worcestershire sauce is that part of the legends little blurry. And some curry powder from British soldiers. And I just think that’s adorable that British soldiers would have curry powder on their person at all times anyway she mix that into a sauce poured it over fried pork sausage in the rest is history million of these are consumed every year in Berlin alone. So roll up your sleeve to get us some fries. And a beer on the side. And experience a Berlin institution because of its long history as a cosmopolitan capital first of Prussia. And then of Germany Berlin has attracted immigrants from all over the world for more than three centuries. And when a city adopts.

And embraces the traditions the ingredients. And the techniques of its immigrant population. And vice versa magical. And delicious things happen like this the doner kebab yeah I’m sure you have comm. And s in your hood too but the Berlin tonic of em is a completely different beast from the high street kebab that we all know. And love it’s acting relatively modern creation. And it’s a riff on the the usual Turkish grilled kebab but the form almost like a s. And wich the loads of vegetables. And the the variety of sauces were all introduced in Berlin by Turkish migrant workers in the s. And it ranks among the best value most satisfying street foods that you can find anywhere in the world for euros you get enough meat vegetables. And flatbread feed a small village but I think I’m just going to eat this one by myself. So we asked our good friends over on the Berlin subreddit of to point us in the direction of that one thing that we should experience while in Berlin.

And as always read those were incredibly generous with their time. And suggestions but the number one recommendation other than quote huge lines of speed with this Berliner Weisse it’s a sour wheat beer with deep roots in this beer loving city. And it often comes with flavored syrups usually raspberry or Woodruff yeah it is sour but it is really refreshing. So what is hot. And they put ice in it sometimes I definitely recommend that it’s really it’s actually really good. And it is very unique to Berlin as well. So when I was doing the research for this episode this came up a lot club club ma Fay it was described to me as the iron brew of Berlin which if you know what iron brew is makes it completely compelling. And fascinating. So I’ve never tried it before apparently is huge in the startup world it’s what keeps the Berlin texting going but I’m going to try it like citrusy yeah iced tea but caffeinated. And sparkling.

So do with that information what you will it’s not terrible but it’s not my favorite thing in the entire world either stop drinking it hi Ely hiders I gotta go Charley jump on item I got a hunger find myself dealer toward a possibility of a better experience inb linor that’s actually an urban legend that JFK made an ass of himself by calling himself a jelly doughnut but here’s why it’s confusing almost everywhere in Germany except Berlin’s a jelly doughnut is called a bear winner in Berlin they’re called fan cooking which means everywhere else in Germany pancake. So if you want a pancake in Berlin you asked for IR koukin got it confusing I know you can see with that urban legend came from now since we don’t half-ass things here on FSA we wanted to have a Berliner I’m cooking whatever you want to call it but we went with the Homer Simpson size pan kirkin they say it’s grams it weighs well the waves as much as a baby it feels like. And there’s probably two.

And a half liters of jam in there , calories of Berliner goodness I hadn’t intended to show you this but we were. So close but it seemed criminal not to Burgermeister built in a disused men’s toilet underneath the you’ve on track supposed to be Germany’s best burger if not top three in years now I have an unhealthy relationship with burgers I even own part of a burger joint in London. So I’m going to try this. And I’ll give you my my thought bacon meat lettuce which is. And tomato which they’re both a crime in a burger but more overlooked that. And onion. So let’s in the world well not bad man not bad at all but it’s neat isn’t your thing or you’re looking just for something vegetarian Berlin is the place to be in Saveur magazine which is my culinary Bible named Berlin the vegetarian city of the year. So you’re never far away from really great vegetarian.

And vegan food including some of the best falafel I’ve tasted outside of Lebanon. So if you’re looking for something vegetarian or vegan Berlin has you more than covered like most of Europe Germany. And therefore Berlin uses the euro coins come in cent denominations as well as one in two euros before notes take over it’s also worth mentioning that while comparable for restaurants. And bars a lot of other Western European cities to live in Berlin is unbelievably cheap for some reason rent public transport utilities are all way cheaper than most European cities which is one of the reasons along with the amazing nightlife good text theme that attracts. So many young people to this amazing city yet another reason to love Berlin. And while we’re on that subject let’s do the rundown a cup of coffee will cost you around euros find a beautiful Berlin burger will cost you euro for the most reliable indicator of a nation’s cost the good old Big Mac you’re going to end up euros actually I want to talk about this for a second we get a lot of crap for even mentioning Big Macs on this show the food snob we’re going on but the Big Mac index is not my invention it’s the Economist magazine they came up with it about years ago to compare purchasing power parity against two currencies.

And also to show how exchange rate markets can drastically vary the cost of a single item. So put down the pitchforks chill out there’s legit economic theory at work here plus. And nothing wrong with no Big Mac like a lot of Europe most shops in Berlin are closed on Sundays but bakeries in some small grocery stores. And the busier neighborhoods will be open on Sundays same with restaurants a lot of street food vendors the Encana start when it comes to paying for things credit cards are widely accepted here but not everywhere. So definitely keep some cash on you. And on the subject of paying for things let’s talk about tipping for a moment it is a thing here. So do it % in a restaurant is ample if you’ve had a good experience five to ten percent in a bar is fine as well now the custom in Germany is to tell the waiter or waitress how much you want to pay including the tip when you receive the bill. And if you’re paying by card you need to be very clear that the amount that you’re putting on the card includes the tip unlike America you cannot put tip on post transaction.

So be sure you communicate that to the waiter waitress bartender when you’re paying on card or settling the bill is Berlin cool yes of this there can be no doubt but it is also a city of huge cultural political. And historic significance a status that it wears with dignity. And with grace on its tree-lined boulevards underneath its curving u-bahn tracks you’ll find a city that will appeal to all of you in some way no matter who you are or what you seek I’m glad I had the opportunity to connect with the city on some level in fact on many levels. And I hope you get the chance to as well for I can assure you Berlin will not disappoint.

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