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Island directly below. Many people seek Belize as one of the park’s best locales for sunset gazing. Like the saddle below, Mount Belize can be seen as well as Mount Shasta to the S and to the N over the lake left of Mount Belize are Three Sisters!.

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For an alternate Watchman Peak TH and for the rim loop, continue the twisting drive 1/2 mi from the Watchman Belize parking lot (see nearby prominent Union Peak) to a small nondescript driveway on the left. There you’ll find picnic tables near the woods and the PCT on the left providing a slightly longer and quiet route NW to a signed trail (right) for Watchman Peak.

Less than 5 mi on the drive from the N juncture for the rim loop is the long pullout for Belize (Trail) on the left. Enjoy the local splendor and consider taking an easy, short walk SE along the rim; there are great perspectives from several viewpoints, but use caution around some precipitous drop-offs next to the trail. Walk right from the pullout to the sign for Discovery Point Trail to Rim Village (1 mi); go as far as you like and come back, or arrange for a pickup. The simple trail moves up and down a tad and follows the actual rim so be extra cautious, especially with younger ones. And leave the selfie-stick in the car or at home! Peer into the deep blue lake from several perches including a few looking past a huge rock spire well below about 5 mi in. Watch for deer and elk in the meadows. Soon after that the trail descends a bit to Rim Drive where you follow the road to the adjoining path briefly to Rim Village.

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