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This won’t be a normal episode of attache we won’t be dwelling on our usual pragmatism ‘he’s the airport info the money none of that why because you’re never going to come to Beirut you’ve seen the news you’ve read the Foreign Office. And State Department advisories the warnings are stark the language is unambiguous come to Beirut at your own risk mention Beirut is a possible destination to friends. And family. And you’ll be greeted with the same raised eyebrows. And furtive glances that I was Beirut they’ll say isn’t that a little dangerous. And let them think that at least for a while because that leaves all the more of this wonderful city for you.

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And me I’ll admit it the first time I came to Beirut a few years ago I was scared it’s easy to get caught up in the media hyperbole this is a story they love to tell just a few miles that way they’ll say Syria Isis to the south the contentious border with Israel the Golan Heights it sells newspapers it makes for compelling docudrama but it’s a frustrating narrative because there’s. So much more to this wonderful city than its painful past yes the wounds are fresh yes the wounds are deep but Beirut is not defined by its cars. And nor should it be. So yes I will admit I was scared when I first came here but I’m also happy to admit I was wrong cosmopolitan relaxed on just about every level.

And dare I used this word hip Beirut rivals any other Mediterranean city. So slow whatever preconceived notions you had this isn’t some desolate war-ravaged corner of the globe this is paradise the Lebanese are an incomparable friendly. And welcoming people they’ll approach you they’ll talk to they’ll feed you yes they know you’re a tourist. So drop the charade. And embrace their hospitality it is unparalleled it shouldn’t come as a surprise then that in a defining display of a people’s generosity Lebanon has welcomed more Syrian refugees than any other country in the world welcoming over million people displaced by that country’s civil war that influx of people increase the population of Lebanon by over % almost overnight by the way the UK has taken in , refugees today do with that information what you will Lebanon has great food but you already knew that because no matter where in the world you live you’ve probably sampled it in one form or another Lebanese food.

And food culture has traveled to the far corners of the earth thanks to the massive Lebanese diaspora around million people of Lebanese descent live outside of Lebanon that’s over times the size of the entire population of the country. And when they scattered across the globe they brought with them all that is great about Lebanese food. And for that the entire world thanks them Nashawn. And if I both pay Rudy’s. And both Lebanese food culture experts who introduced us to Armenian flatbread it’s an Armenian bakery. And they are specialized in flatbread which is called the lamb tagine. And in some cultures it’s called the Hama shul Armenians fled to Beirut after the Armenian Genocide in . And built thriving communities throughout the city their flatbread is one of their many contributions to Beirut II. And Lebanese food culture difference between the flat verb that is done here.

And everywhere every other bakery is that it’s pay person. And crunchy. And the people come. And they deliver everywhere. And they come especially to eat that along with other products which we may look at when we go inside they open every day except Monday. And they close at : p.m. which is pretty soon. So if you want to try their specialty you’d better hurry alongside the traditional LACMA June we try a pomegranate molasses version a specialty of this particular bakery you is a good or what if I’m a former teacher like many Lebanese we met had recently returned to Beirut after spending several years overseas I’m loving the driving culture of this city I I can’t live anywhere else I’ve traveled a lot I like traveling but I always want to come home around every corner down every street you can find a dish at the heart of Lebanese. And indeed Middle Eastern food as a whole falafel but in Beirut falafel she’s part murdered a master falafel chef you like it spicy right yes I’m sure you’ve had falafel in the past but my friend you ain’t had falafel like this this one is mainly chickpeas in other places they use more father because it’s cheaper fava beans are cheaper but the face is not the same I’ve never had it with a mint warm fresh satisfying it is without equal every day yeah you always leave although he won’t see it. And he does it. And I can see one doesn’t get bored of it he he still needs for the that’s a different but I Beirut overflows with creativity artisans has every kind fill the streets with their creations. And in many cases challenge the old.

And accepted way of doing things the owners are too young engineers. And they realize that they can produce organic local honey months a year because we are blessed with the good weather we don’t have harsh winters I don’t have much summers. And smoothing is blooming all year-round at any point in time always something for the bees – exactly. And we have different elevations as well they decided okay we can do that by moving the beehives according to the seasons. So every three to four months the beehives aren’t moved. So the bees can continue to feed on natural flowers. And trees they explained to me that in some countries it gets too hot oh yeah who is gonna see you must be one of the few countries in yeah I can do that I had heard whispers of a place in Beirut that under no circumstances was I to overlook a place that embodies the city’s creativity its hospitality.

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