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To put it simply its deliciousness the Russian ports put it between the ten best ice cream in the world was a second second worldwide okay in the world how can you possibly say no to some of the best ice cream in the world no sugar in it to keep the taste of the ice cream okay. So that it was good sugar you will lose the taste of a ice cream maker we put all the will downstairs basement this is pistachio the caramelized almond the strawberry apricot with pine nuts lemon lemon. And you start with yours water refresh your mouth before you eat the ice this is how we thank you. So officially the world’s best night Thursday the New York Times Wall Street Journal just about every other magazine in the world in the summer that’s all I want I would need anything except that even shrapnel scars.

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And bullet holes can’t dampen the mood in the world’s best ice cream store I think that says a lot about this city the sounds of Beirut in the manner the constant drone of traffic the call to prayer the chatter of crowded coffee shops life despite what the rest of the world might think Beirut is going about its business today like it did yesterday. And like it will tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day there’s a funny thing like everybody things like at least the friends that I hang out with the first people I met in Europe on a first turtle everybody thought like we still have camels. And – Karim is an artist. And entrepreneur based in Beirut he’s passionate about the city.

And keen for the world to see the modern creative city that he calls home that’s anymore we are some kind of sophisticated country compared to other Arab countries it this country probably has to work harder than any other country to reset people’s expectations yeah because if it’s not if it’s not that then it’s the s the civil wars in the war with Israel Wow Catalan tennis in the heart of Beirut revitalized downtown area you’ll find souk LTM a weekly farmers market showcasing Lebanon’s food. And farming prowess producers from all over the country block to this market every week. And the display. And array is dazzling peanuts for your opens a little bit as well coffee clean organic simple food at its finest long scar runs down the center of Beirut the green light this is where where everything happened this is what specified us into Christian or Muslim East or West Beirut that’s the place that represents that represents everything yeah. So from this part upwards it was East Beirut this part down it was West Beirut at the time it was one of the tallest buildings in the area. And.

So of huge strategic significance not to mention a particularly attractive nest for snipers. And in a bizarrely McCobb display of battlefield protocol it was also the spot where warring militias would meet on a regular basis even when they were fighting they would sit they would become in me they would they would conduct meetings to see like what to do where to go this zone is yours this one is mine really yeah basically we are in the middle of downtown Beirut. And we still have these traces maybe as Lebanese I stopped seeing this because uh I pass by here every day but with the graffiti growing on it it’s a reminder of our mistakes. And down holes. And bad vision but it’s really messed up like house we don’t see this anymore now it’s part of our daily life.

And it’s the graffiti meant to bring attention make sure that you don’t forget actually I see it in another way the graffiti is part of like putting all of this past behind. And just trying to make it something else trying to make a piece of art out of it everywhere you look in Beirut there are scenes of hope progress healing but none or perhaps as potent as the side of its Gr. And Mosque. And it’s Catholic cathedral too overwhelmingly beautiful. And important buildings sitting peacefully side by side I’m not Muslim but I I relate to it in a way or another mm-hmm that’s a place where you can feel the good energy right you can feel now it’s calm but usually when there are thous.

And s of people praying I definitely get this good vibe of peace. And love. And failure loving one God one creator I hope this always reaches me look a little calm well California yeah we’ll get a horn h. And . And America welcome Abu Ahmed is one of the many proprietors selling his wares in the Boston neighborhoods extraordinary antique Trapani watchman with the club but this is an antiques market like none other the treasures that line the narrow corridors are the leftovers of a people’s history ab. And oned by their owners who fled the country looted by opportunistic petty criminals or sold by distant relatives at the end of a dynasty this isn’t just an antiques market it’s a time machine it’s a staggering collection it just keeps going. And going. And going.

And one remarkable thing as I was telling you like some pieces are super expensive. And they would never like bargain or goal as to the prices they know that they are super expensive to prepare maybe one piece item. And this is it this the crazy thing is that that everything is from Sunday’s normal life it’s like if you were walking through like a museum a living museum yeah it is like a messed up but very beautiful museum while many Lebanese fled Beirut in the th century in the st they’re returning in droves Mohammed Ani brothers run a successful vintage furniture store. And came back to Beirut after several years in Canada there seems to be a lot of that people that are coming back yeah feels life’s not that it’s really you’d rather build your future here. And it’ll probably take longer a couple years longer than build it there. And then planned on coming back we thought this place was. So different yeah you know that’s what we’re trying to change is you know first I’m like every time you come here no no I’ve been here a few times but the first time I came here I was scared I was yet deliberately scared. And you know you you you the media hyperbole is.

So easy to buy you come in here is like me going to Detroit yeah you have a good actually because people always tell you but Detroit’s not bad in the Detroit Detroit school yeah people are cool but that’s it’s media nobody cares like honey cherries. And the war of . And whenever there’s a vibrant town yeah no more nothing people are not scared like that calmness in that day to day the biggest kept you you can give to somebody that’s trying to intimidate you. And then he just wants the tabbouleh at the end it is almost impossible not to be enchanted by a country.

And a people that overflow with such optimism where as a visitor you will be welcomed with warmth. And generosity unlike anything I have ever experienced . And while Beirut may not have featured in your travel plans. So far I hope after all of this you reconsider should you come to Beirut absolutely this city this country has shown the world time. And time again how to recover how to pick yourself up dust yourself off. And get on with it. And for that I admire respect. And adore Beirut we couldn’t have done this episode without the support of bank du Liban accelerate particular thanks to samara karim. And paul Papadimitriou for all their hard work in bringing this episode to life.

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