I just spent the last two hours right there, okay? Do you want to go to the Medina and possibly get my crystal go for the sense of adventure But I promise you I’m gonna pay $, and I say did you know a hard time getting You know did you have hard you have a hard did you know? So this is our room as usual Joe and I? Completely do the rock star treatment no Bechet? Not a good shoe, and the cameras are actually tired like you know you’re tired when you’re on a FaceTime Call the first thing that person’s is using Wow you look tired He said that I mean she said that I mean anonymous said that I come to make sure that Damon didn’t get locked in the tower as Rapunzel himself and this boy is ready for a marathon I said I’m a slip of Benadryl in your water what I like to Egypt I noticed this too like why are there like year old children out on the streets are like warning cuz these cultures just End up like sleeping in a little bit later and and staying out later, which you know I live You know it’s such a nice live there.


There’s no alcohol get a little is a good little is to get a little big That was fast, I just when they know I’m in Morocco I Didn’t know you knew how to do Instagram story Okay, I’ll check facebook money money mama She’s in my hairspray. You’re here. What happened to it like let’s just have a hair moment. Oh Chris what do you mean crazy who are you calling crazy? Flashback to patients to Iceland wow you got over that quickly No Good for you it always the most obvious person to walk with the camera just leave me alone, okay And I’m the second because I’m you want some bras I actually did Then I decided to wear bra You just got that done Excite themselves unless they’re all covered up, that’s my independent lady So what you want to do hubby? Oh well can we buy a little lantern for a shirt? I can’t possibly p.m.

On a Sunday night were loud. This is like a Beyonce concert. Oh Can we talk about smile There have been many times when you deny a price. They are for you come on everything changes, and they say smile It’s like well. I would smile if you buddy Kiss me Is that what you do now you make me come in I gotta be the backup You mommy and aren’t you right? It makes me sad that there’s people here. Who are too nice to say no This is a territory that have thick skin. You got to say no in six different languages at least So you never know where American pop culture will your life Turn that jam up DJ Excuse me, I’m sorry Morbidity for me You take my breath away, and you always take my punchlines and I take doors damn, it’s like The same most of the time you need to speak French in Morocco most time you speak Arabic in there or you just say or The sights to see as we’re sitting here People are watching them And I must say Chandi wrote the new power of people have been nice and gentle and key to get along They take my breath away Right on cue. Oh baby bring it. What’s me? Then there are those potatoes. Those are Tomatoes You know the last thing is more I’m sorry. What did you just say? Oh? Could we just flash back ten seconds ago when you said that looks good I’m excited going and then flash back again when I said yeah in one hour you’ll be It’s not hard yet. It’s getting Okay, you guys just watch in one hour We’ll be in bed and Joel beat with a rock-hard stomach because it’s bloating all right now Let me enjoy my touching the side of motorbike fumes I’ve been called Justin Bieber total of two times already Well yeah, what is your ideal dream night? Well I don’t want to pay to have a conversation.

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