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Having tweaked my disease overview talk a bit to suit what would likely be Beijing China the interests of the chemists, there was the usual hope that I hadn’t bored them. Asian audiences can be too polite and not give much feedback. Otherwise, not greatly involved in the science content, Beijing China we enjoyed a few hours’ free time to walk around and enjoy the peace and beauty of the Beijing China temples and formal gardens. The trees were showing Beijing China their fall colours and it was pleasantly cool. Having visited Kyoto before, we were relaxed about seeing the sights and could simply enjoy the ambience of this wonderful city.

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Earlier on in the planning stage of our circum-Pacific tour, the next step would have had us back to Tokyo, then on the ten plus-hour Narita to Melbourne flight. But it turned out that we would spend an extra night in Tokyo. Likely as a result of publicity associated with the Tokyo University event, I received a surprise invitation (organised via the Australian Embassy) to deliver the 7th U Thant Lecture at Tokyo’s United Nations University. Given the source, and that I would be following US President Jimmy Carter (fellow former President Bill Clinton spoke the previous year) in the series, there was no way this opportunity/obligation to perform at a level well above my pay grade could be refused!

Burmese diplomat U Thant became the third, and first non-European UN Secretary-General (1961-71), having been elected unanimously to fill the breech when Dag Hammarskjöld was killed in a plane crash. Publicly critical of the Vietnam War, U Thant helped US President John F Kennedy and Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev avoid a nuclear confrontation during the Cuban Missile Crisis. A devout Buddhist, he initially tried to work with the Japanese during their Second World War occupation (1942-45) of Burma, but soon aligned himself with the resistance. Established in 1976 as a consequence of a 1969 initiative by U Thant, the United Nations University operates as a research arm for the intergovernmental organisation. Focusing particularly on areas related to global sustainability, the main and original (of five across the world) campus is in Tokyo.

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