#1 Boost your agility The beach will feel like an obstacle course – the firmness of the ground will change as you go along, and you’re unlikely to run a straight route (due to waves, people and other obstacles), which will serve as agility training that works your core, calf and hamstring muscles. Save your sprints for the clear straights, and cool off with a dip in the sea…

#2 Burn more calories The sand is your greatest ally when it comes to burning calories. Whether wet or dry, it will create a resistance. In fact, studies suggest that you can burn 30 per cent more calories running on sand than on tarmac. It puts the smaller, stabilising muscles surrounding your knees to use and reduces the impact of each footfall.

#3 Strengthen feet Further rewards can be reaped from going barefoot on the beach. By running barefoot, your foot, calf and toe muscles will be strengthened, as they’re forced to grip as you balance in the sand. Beach runners believe that running barefoot also offers a natural acupressure treatment for the feet. Bonus!


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