Good morning to you, how are you doing today? Today’s post is a little bit different, it’s not a travel post. I’m putting this post out, so I can put on my blog and direct people, because people are, a lot of people are asking, what equipment do you use, for your ging? So today is, my basics. I will do one where I’m packing all the accessories and bits, extra bits, but today is just, the basics.


So, first of all, camera, this is a mirrorless, Canon EOS M. Now, the reason I like this, is it’s so small, I mean it really is small. I’ve got the one I’m filming this on, my what I call my professional outfit, the one I’ve always used for years, is the Nikon D but it’s big and huge.

For travelling, especially when you’re ging and you know, you’re trying to put yourself on the camera, these little things are great. The lens I’m using on it, my, main go-to lens for ging, is an eleven to twenty two, on a micro / so it’s, it’s a nice wide angle, and it’s got a little bit of zoom on it, doesn’t zoom up close, but it means I can close in on some scenes etc. It’s not a k camera, it only does, but it does shoot at frames a second, so and in HD of course.

So that’s my camera the strong points are, that it’s a, light and portable. It’s two weak points. You can’t shoot in k which, yeah, it leaves you a bit restricted in post if you want to do things.

But its biggest problem is its battery life because to go with the camera I need lots of batteries, I have four batteries for this they’re all branded batteries the proper Canon batteries, not the copies which are cheaper, but often don’t last as long, but I need four of them often to get me through a day’s shooting which is a right pain because obviously with batteries you then need the charger to go with it. Now as far as I’m aware, and I’m not going to invest in it for this system, Canon don’t do a multiple charger. So if I shoot quite a lot during the day if I’m up early have a long travel and I’m shooting everything I will often use minimum of three or four batteries.

Now that’s okay because I’ve got spare batteries, but I need them charged for the next day, so that means as soon as I get anywhere the first thing I have to do is find a plug socket, plug the charger in and charge the batteries, now the batteries take about minutes to charge and you can do the maths on three batteries. That means, you know, I’m charging whenever possible, it is a bit of a pain, but there we go. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to upgrade and change my camera into a system that has that can do everything I want is nice and compact but has a better battery system because that is the weakness of these mirrorless cameras.

So camera, lens, batteries the second lens that I have with it is an to also it’s a native lens for the EOS system that’s a nice lens because you have got that telephoto zoom in it. It’s, I use it only on special occasions and I tend not to handhold this because with a wide-angle you can get away with a certain amount of shakiness in the post now when you get to telephoto the slightest shake in it looks like there’s an earthquake happening, so it is nice in that I can zoom in and get that effects sometimes of getting close to things that that actually can’t physically move close to but I do try and set it up on a tripod if I’m using this ‘cos hand holding this or I sit the camera on a rock or something sturdy while I’m filming with the longer lens and as far as my main camera outfit photographically goes two lenses, one body, four batteries and obviously the charger to go with it, the other accessory is a microphone now the I would say the microphone on this Canon is actually quite good for a lot of the time, but if there’s any wind or any other background noise so when I can I put on the microphone. This is the Rode postmic Go the battery this one, so it doesn’t need any batteries.

It basically sits in your hot.. oops sits in your hot shoe and then you plug it into the on the side one thing I will say you’ve got to be wary of you’ve got to make sure that both are plugged in nicely because the slips out a little bit you lose your noise.

Plug in, plug in, and you’re away so that’s the outfit and of course the other thing you need lots of is SD cards, this takes the standard size SD. I tend to favored because I can pick them up at a good price, and they’re reliable the SanDisk Extreme gig that being, a whole stack of them, so that’s my main shooting outfit, and that is what I would mostly on and do all my higher quality scene photographs on with a charger, that’s there. The second camera I take with me is good old GoPro.

Nnow the one I have is a slightly older version now we’re still in a go, but it’s still the good weather sir they GoPro Hero to yes, that’s two new ones out now. The advantages of the GoPro is that also it’s a bit smaller to take around It’s waterproof, which is really great built-in screen at the back now, which is really good the older GoPros you got a stick a screen on the back extra this one has got built-in screen and I put it in this little holder, which is how can I mount on a tripod now the main reason I use the GoPro for whether there’s two things. I use it for one is what I call my motion lapses like I’m going to ride in a motorbike or I’m taking a ride somewhere where I want to do a long post that I then put in a time-lapse I’ll use this, I can mount it on various mounts like a chest strap I can put on from going a motorbike you can then show you the journey? I often try and use it or try and use it more for time lapses for night to day just set it up leave it and try to do somewhat interesting time lapses, so that’s one thing I use it for.

The second thing obviously. It’s great for is a rare in and around water. It’s waterproof It can go down to meters so I can swim with it snorkel with it, dive with it, surf with it and of course all the attachments mean I can stick it on the surfboard I can melt it onto my wrist from diving so it doesn’t get lost.

So it’s good for that so it’s an also extreme sport if I you know doing something really rough and dirty where it’s gonna get mucky. You can take the GoPro. Also, obviously to go with the GoPro batteries now the the newer GoPros is a GoPro and I believe the six as well take the same battery these are much improved the GoPro used to have like an hour battery on it now all these do about two hours, so they are quite good but still if you’re doing a day’s shooting or you doing time lapses or doing three dives a day or you’re surfing from dawn till dusk you need some air batteries so again three batteries no build pro do have thankfully a dual battery chargers you let take with me so when I get in I can put two of these in here two factories at a time like that, plug it in and then it can go to a USB charger which is also great because if I’m using my computer or thumbs on aeroplanes which have a USB I can plug it in otherwise I use an adapter that I’ll get to in a second to plug in and charge two at a time which I’ll sleep with four batteries makes it a bit quicker.

So and there then obviously they think microSD cards now because I like to film in from film in.. K and then put it down to to match my camera, but I can also form it fill for film in k on this camera so with this camera only goes up to so I fill in and at the highest frames per second.

So I’ve got the most to work with this I film at. K which is not quite for it. We’ll fill them in k, but then when I put it into post I put it at frames a second to match the camera so you don’t get a change in the footage so the SD cards I use I use the lexer to go in this because these will record up to k now if I’m lucky enough to upgrade my camera to a k camera then the SD cards and I bill shoot every in k, which we great and again whole stack of microSD cards for that so that’s that so that’s in terms of equipment my main go-to ging equipment my action and dirty what I call dirty area water sand dust where it’s gonna get really mucky that camera and that is pretty much what I shoot everything on and yeah, just there’s two lenses, and I’ll see the fixed lens on here other important accessories Tripods now I have two tripods one.

I take pretty much everywhere with me on every trip. Is this one the Joby Gorillapod Now I put a ball swivel head on it, so I’ve got that flexibility It’s good It’s you can met I have the camera on it and use it as a like a selfie stick and It’s quite light and portable for that you can use it as a tripod it strong enough to take Both cameras on it quite easily and of course with this extra Flexibility on the legs there’s a lot you can do with these things you know you don’t just understand them on the ground you can go to a railing and Wrapped around the railing so they get secured on all sorts of different things so there That’s a really good thing handy thing and they’re quite light to carry around Go Not exactly small so depending on your camera bag you do have to work out how you fit it in But it’s quite nice and light the second month second tripod I carry around with me whenever I can I do try and take this as well is a bigger basically full size tripod But this is a Mon photo special Lightweight one if someone front of be free it’s made of carbon fiber, but it does have a full Extending legs you see oh So you get a proper full tripod height on it, it’s obviously a little bit lighter so in some winds it can shake a little bit, which is not ideal but for Usage it’s brilliant, and if it weighs less than three pounds Including the photo swivel head that I put on there I love this for you know those steady steady shots I mean there is sometimes when you know that this little tripod, it’s just not tall enough when the right circumstances or it’s not strong enough in the wind This was when I do my time lapses on the canon camera. I use this because it will sit nice and Rigid it gives you the nice smooth footage so Again to me for me an essential bit of equipment that gets used occasionally The other thing is absolutely essential Plug adapters both plug adapters for different things obviously the cable for camera and USB plug adapters now obviously when you’re traveling what’s our USB trap do some research as to which countries you’re traveling to and make sure you’ve got the right adapters and A tip to remember that I learnt after my first trip was that don’t just take one Because obviously I take one adapter that fits into the local ones, and then you can put yours in But then you can only charge one thing at a time So you know at the end of the day? I’ve got Mckellen batteries to charge the GoPro batteries to charge so that’s two things straight away, then I’ve got my phone Where else do I have with me occasionally you have other random things, but you know already just with that I’ve got three things.

I want to charge, and if I’ve got one plug adapter that fits the local thing I can only charge one thing at a time So do bear in mind that if you’re going to need you know if you’re taking more than two things that need charging You’ll need more adapters now multi adapters are quite good You get ones with different they take different and they receive different, but they’re usually quite bulky So I try and buy a couple of these smaller ones Also, I find that I there’s two things I break them and I lose them I can forget them, so I tend to take some of the multiple of the small multiple fitting ones So yes, so they can charge my equipment at the end of the day before we get up the next day and start again Now I think that sort of covers it That’s just keeping it to the basic just showing you the equipment so that I can post this post on my page as an extra post for you guys, so you can see what equipment I use if you want some more information and details And you want more s about the equipment I use and packing and things like that drop me a comment in the below in the in section below And I’ll add to the posts to it I just put this on because a lot of people do ask, but if you want more information like this I will do a set of separate posts about how I feel other equipment I use how I pack if that’s what you want to know and I’ll post them out at Weekends for you rather than you know not mess with my normal travel schedule ging schedule so if you want more of those posts Just let me know if you got questions. You’ve got the equipment or settings that you want to know again Just let me know in the comments below And I hope this has been useful to you in showing you what I use And I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts I create with it other tips and tricks that you’ve got Or hints or things you would like to see please let me know It’s really great to get all the feedback from you guys You really are fantastic our commentrship is growing really well, so we’ve got it’s really great to travel with you guys It’s really nice And the feedback you give me really helps me to keep improving and keep wanting to improve and keep making these posts for you So let me know what you want Let me know what you like we’ll see what we can do for you so until next rebels have a fantastic day.

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