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Hello everybody. And welcome to a cachet the show that gets you in out. And around some of the world’s greatest cities my name is Alex hunter. And I’ll be your Sherpa on this international adventure. And today we find ourselves in the Catalonian capital of Barcelona Barcelona a seductive blend of sun sea sangria. And street food this Catalonian capital is also home to gaudí’s architecture Picasso’s art. And a thriving international business community straddling the Mediterranean coast is kind of temperate. And consistent climate. So it’s a year-round destination be it for work or play I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s paradise to basically paradise Barcelona’s main airport is el prat which is located just kilometers from the center of the city. And you’re not going to believe this but there are multiple ways to get from the airport into the city but it gets better they’re actually pretty cheap.

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And it gets even better they’re actually pretty fast as well it’s like some kind of transit paradise okay paradise is probably pushing it a little bit but it really is easy to get from the airport into town. So here in Barcelona we’re introducing a new segment on the transport from the airport to the city called cheapest fastest best I feel like maybe we should have some like kung fu movie sound effects when I do that you’ll put those you put those in alright. So what is the cheapest fastest. And best ways to get from the airport into town the suburban train minutes.

And only euros. And cents a taxi about minutes for around to euros but the best well that’s got to go to the aro bus five euros minutes air-conditioned free Wi-Fi. And they leave every minutes unlike the train which leaves every minutes. So it gets the crown for best way to get into Barcelona from the airport once you’re comfortably nestled in the ample bosom of Mother Barcelona getting around is actually pretty easy it’s a very walkable place. And since it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Europe it’s well worth getting out. And exploring city mapper. And Google Maps work brilliantly here for planning your journey be it on foot or on public transport. And links to both of those apps are in the show notes below.

And since I’m mildly actually totally obsessed with the international war crime that is international data roaming charges I am delighted to tell you that there is citywide free Wi-Fi in Barcelona what free Wi-Fi now it’s not the fastest connection in the world but it can definitely help you out in a jam just look on your phone for the Barcelona City Wi-Fi SSID. And you’re set Marshall in a subway system or the metro is a great service that covers most of the city you can find it by looking for this sign a single journey cost euros.

And cents but you can buy a journey ticket for just over years which is obviously a pretty good deal now it’s not at a thin tap out system. And you’ll get a pay per ticket which you need to look after otherwise if you get it crumpled or bent in any way it won’t work in the reader.

And you’ll need to get it replaced alternatively you can grab a or day travel pass which gives you unlimited travel on the metro or I’m not a local buses as well one thing to note about public transport is almost all the announcements are made in Catalan. And Spanish only. So you really need to know where. And when you’re getting on. And off now the ticketing machines. And the signs are almost always in English. So there’s no need to worry there there’s no shortage of taxis here in Barcelona.

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