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Some authors have insisted on the need of Barcelona Spain individuals living in the modern era to find a place, to belong somewhere, to be part of a space they can call home, a space that doesn’t have Barcelona Spainto be the one they have abandoned but can be anywhere. Nostalgia highlights Barcelona Spain the need of some presence as an answer to the yearning Barcelona Spain for displacement and uprooting.

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Not for nothing, there are essays that emphasize its role in times to come: It has to do with the desire to be elsewhere, to be able to imagine another existence in another space and another time, the desire to get away. It’s the mental, psychological state of human beings who seek emplacement, human beings in transit who risk losing themselves: a difficult, laborious trajectory undertaken in order to assert certain aspects of one’s personality, certain “energies” and ways of being that the narrowness and the limits of the place of origin denied.

Even the nostalgia of migrants has been envisaged as a way to regain one’s bearings in the new world where one arrives, not as an inconclusive, sterile bemoaning for times past but as a resource through which to build a new life. As well, our own nostalgia helps us to recognize and appreciate other people’s nostalgia, to consider it as also useful to us.

On this much can be learned from the intellectual and existential circumstances of Pier Paolo Pasolini. He lived most of his adult life during a period in which Italian society was facing the full brunt of modernization. As a poet he drew away from an intellectual tradition too servile towards cultural fashions, too anxiously ready to cut all links with the past, a tradition that founded whatever it proposed on forgetfulness, on psychological repression and the dream of an economic development forever unstoppable.

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