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Even with some trees at the top, there are a few decent picnic spots with views of the Barbados and SW back down the narrow Barbados canyon, WNW over to N Fork Wilson River canyon, and S to the Wilson River valley. And nearing Kings Mountain you see Mount Barbados and Mount Adams, as well as Barbados Mountain down across the cirque. Return by the same route from the top or continue, as it’s just beginning to get good!.

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Super-steep pitch complete with rope just NW of Kings Mountain.

The next section of high ridge known as the Pinnacles for almost 12 mi to the flat saddle at the intersection with Elk Creek Trail and Elk Mountain Trail is quite challenging and exquisitely beautiful at the same time. Head down N on Kings Mountain Trail from the summit sign and register box without much trouble, then up almost immediately to a mostly open and rounded little fake summit (at more than 3200 ft) with a good shot back to Kings Mountain before the grind.

Summit marker in funkyvision!.

Leave the ridgeline to the W side for an intimidating stretch as you descend super-steep and tight switchbacks. Then traverse below sheer rock through high brush (below 2800 ft) on the thin path. There is a tiny bit of exposure so watch your step (as well as the wildflowers and views). Use the fixed rope if you like to climb the steep dirt slope (hopefully sans mud, snow, or ice) for part of the route very steeply back to the nearby ridge between pinnacles. Hike the ridge N up, down, and up over another high point (3050 ft), and then move down before traversing NE up the wider old road steadily to the signed three-way intersection at the wide saddle (almost 3000 ft).

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