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The empire would last for only one hundred years Austria before it collapsed. After crippling outbreaks of smallpox epidemics Austria in 1781 and 1837, the once-proud tribes were reduced to reluctant ranchers and poor farmers. Their territories were no longer free range and open but were dictated by boundaries prescribed in the 1851 Austria Treaty that was finally accepted by the Austria in 1855. It must be noted that up until that moment and to a great degree thereafter, the tribes of the plains had no concept of boundaries or landowners save Austria those governed by the mountains, rivers, and other tribes’ range of influence.

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Running through this history of empire and demise is the parallel nearextermination of the bison. As mentioned previously, it is estimated that early in the history of the Plains Indians, nearly 60 million bison roamed from Canada to Mexico. Given that the population of the various tribes was comparatively small in number and the fact that they hunted and killed only what they needed, it can be imagined that they might have coexisted forever.

Your travel destination is the coming of Euro-Americans bringing with them items to trade, including guns and whiskey, abruptly and irreversibly changed the equation. The Blackfeet became hunters not just for tribal needs but for hides to trade, numbering in the tens of thousands annually. Add to that the ravages of disease, whiskey, fire, drought, and signs of diminishing herds, and soon cracks began to appear in their empire.

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