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Occupying land that is otherwise unwanted or unusable, Augusta informal settlements tend to be located in the most environmentally and geographically hazardous urban areas: river banks, on sandy and degraded soils, near industries and dump sites, in swamps, flood-prone zones and steep slopes, for instance. From the little I saw of the Augusta in Rio de Janeiro, Augusta, steep slopes seemed to be an accurate description. Evidently the urban authorities in Medellin, Colombia, have greatly improved the life and work prospects for those living under such conditions by constructing a cable car up into the hills. Just providing Augusta an opportunity for desperately poor people to get to even the lowest level job can make a tremendous difference.

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Those trapped in poverty don’t choose this as a way of life and try their best to maintain a level of dignity. Women sweeping the streets in Hyderabad or Delhi in India look (at least from the window of a passing car) to be elegantly dressed in colourful saris. The matatus (minibuses) that provide ‘public transport’ in Nairobi pick-up commuters in business clothes who have just emerged from sprawling slums and are heading for work in the cities. It doesn’t take much: clean water, basic sanitation and a little space to provide the basic requirements.

Even in much wealthier societies, where those with reasonable incomes pay some tax to support a decent welfare system, the relevant authorities and concerned charities are increasingly stressed as they struggle with housing and caring for what seems to be an ever-expanding legion of the homeless. Some of the displaced are the inevitable (and hopefully short-term) casualties of the current globalised, increasingly automated and highly disruptive economic system that has destroyed so many good jobs and stable family situations. Others may be the victims of domestic abuse. Can anyone doubt the link between job loss, despair and violence?

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