Arriving in Yangon in Myanmar Burma from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

Good morning to you and a wonderful day, hope you’re having a brilliant day today, look where I am again, yep, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Last time I was here, I was about to set off, to an amazing adventure that I then had in India, which was fantastic, if you’ve not seen the India s go back and watch them, it’s a beautiful country with amazing people, I can’t wait to get back there, but that’s not where we’re heading today, I’m here again, heading to the airport and today, we are gonna go, to Myanmar, formally known as Burma. Very exciting, it’s not a very developed country in terms of either tourism or infrastructure, I’ve heard it is very, very beautiful, so come on, let’s go and explore, Myanmar. Yeah, bad news, my flight’s late, but not by too long, just by half an hour, so, I’ve taken the opportunity, to get something to eat, now I was gonna go for the salmons, sandwich it looked very nice, but they had none, so, I’ve gone for another fish, gone for tuna instead, and a coffee.

Arriving in Yangon in Myanmar Burma from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia Photo Gallery

You notice that, when I can’t get a nice tea, like I drank a lot in Nepal, India, I go for coffee when I travel, I don’t know, anyway, this is my sandwich, then I’ve probably waited enough time to go to check, no, not check in, immigration, and then my flight. And arrived in Yangon, two and half hour flight, got to the airport, about half past seven, short queues at immigration, but was nice and easy, I’d already got my visa on arrival, and filled in my form, oh not my visa on arrival, got my visa before arrival, all printed out, did that online, paid, came through in the same day as I applied for it online, and filled out the form, that I got on the plane, there’s one small snag, my bag hasn’t arrived yet. So, lots of, dead bags, no conveyor belt working, this is the only conveyor working in the whole airport, but so far, well there’s cash machines over there, I’ll pick up some cash, at the moment, no bag.

So, hopefully my bag will appear soon. Good news, my bag’s arrived, here it is, just late that’s all, come on bag, let’s go. And it’s that game, finding my driver, now let’s see, anybody, oh, oh and this looks like mine, Simon at Wai Wais Place, min-ga-la-ba.

Thank you very much, here’s your one day WiFi password. Let’s go find room (two zero two), you put thee shoes in there. And here’s my room in Yangon, God, the aircon is nice and cool, light on for you, see here’s our bathroom, nice, all in one, compact and small, there’s the shower, toilet and basin, and over here, the room, aircon, oh and look, especially what I’m always looking for, nice plug sockets with all international fitments, and more plug sockets up here although, not quite sure how the cable reaches up there, there’s a little desk, and there we go.

Welcome, to Myanmar. Well good news, I’ve cut down on the number of bags I’ve got see, not too bad hey, but welcome to Myanmar, welcome to Yangon, not a bad flight, two and a half hours I think from Kuala Lumpur to here, I even got a nap, on the flight, and watched a beautiful sunset, arrived here late at night. Passport control was nice and easy, having had my visa beforehand, you know you can get beforehand for Myanmar, queues, took about fifteen, twenty minutes to get through, my bag scared me a bit because it didn’t come through, for a long while but then I got my bag, driver was waiting, fifteen minutes drive from the airport, there’s not a great deal of bad traffic, the traffic hang it quite gridlocked in Yangon because there’s, not much.

Not many roads shall we say, options to go through, but got here quite nice, sat in the back in the aircon chilled, saw the beautiful pagoda on the way here, which I’m just staying close by, and I’ll show you some more of that tomorrow, but now I’m here, and it’s time, to do the essentials, plug batteries in, plenty open, I can see two, three plug sockets already, oh there’s one over there, four. Have a quick wash, change and then, time to get something to eat, and there’s a nice, terrace rooftop restaurant here, apparently so I’m gonna go upstairs here, and see what they can, offer me to eat, so back to you in a minute, with our first meal, of Myanmar. Welcome to the rooftop terrace, check out the kitchen, good evening, evening, hey, better check on the cook, see how my food is, there’s my carrots being prepared, thank you, and see look, baked with love.

Here’s my table, I think I can see my food, freshly cooked in the kitchen, it’s going on the plate now, oh, oh, oh, oh here we go. Thank you very much, oh that looks lovely, thank you very much. Here we are, my first meal in Myanmar, I recognise beans, carrots, small boiled eggs, rice, chicken, and white things on the top, I’ll try and find out what it’s called but it looks, delicious, let’s try it.

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