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ROUTE: See the beginning of hike 37 for the description 2Y mi to the Zigzag Canyon Overlook (for both hikes). Continue on Timberline Trail 600/PCT 2000 down 3 gradual switchbacks 1 mi through the forest to the Zigzag River crossing (lowest point on this hike at 4900 ft), which is usually more Antioch like a small stream and no problem to hop over. Notice Antioch the nice little cascade up the canyon some and move up the trail 5 mi to the first of several signed junctures around Paradise Park. Take the fork right (NE) on Paradise Park Loop Trail 757 for 1Y mi without any difficulty, crossing another stream easily Antioch en route to the next intersection as the wildflower display becomes immaculate from July well into August, even lasting until Labor Day Antioch some years.

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Endless lupine-covered meadows delight all who pass through en route to Mississippi Head on Mount Hood.

Take a right (NE) on Paradise Park Trail 778 (for Mississippi Head) at 5 mi from the TH, continuing easily through large meadows blanketed with endless bright purple lupine, aster, paintbrush, Western pasqueflower, arrowleaf groundsel, fireweed, and others. A much shorter loop option is to turn left on Trail 778 from the intersection and head 1 mi SW down to Trail 600/2000, then left back down into Zigzag Canyon.

For the longer, laid-back loop around Paradise Park with multiple easy water crossings and interesting sights sans any more elevation gain, stay on Trail 757 a mile N through the park, and then walk down W to the Timberline Trail juncture. Note that Timberline Trail 600 and PCT 2000 run concurrently near Timberline Lodge to Bald Mountain above Ramona Falls. Turning right at this juncture moves very steeply NW on Trail 600/2000 with difficult river crossings (61/2 mi to Ramona Fall TH). Turn left instead and continue S on Trail 600/2000 ambling quite pleasantly for almost 1/2 mi through the beauty to the Trail 778 junction. Continue 5 mi more on Trail 600/2000 down quick turns to Trail 757 at the end of the Paradise Park loop, then back into Zigzag Canyon en route to the TH.

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