Annapurna Trek last day Trekking in Himalaya Mountains of Nepal

Well my room for the last night, sorry I didn’t post it last night, so we have one unmade bed again same simple process, two beds, obviously I’ve used one, no plug socket or anything, simple window, a light, can’t put it on now because the power’s gone off.

Annapurna Trek last day Trekking in Himalaya Mountains of Nepal Photo Gallery

Clean and simple and I got blankets, it’s here, and that was my room for the last night, and this is it, let’s see if you see me there, well this is more of natural light but this is it, just four hours hike left until, we pick up the road and get a bus or something into, Pokhara, the last day, last night, great night’s sleep again, slept right through. Just gonna finish my hot tea, then we are hitting the trail, for the last few hours, of the Annapurna, of my Annapurna trek. It’s been great, I’m gonna miss the mountains especially the fresh air, I’ve been waited on hand and foot by my guide who has been very good, plying with tea and drinks, making sure I get fed and carrying some of my gear but come on, let’s trek.

Good morning to you, hope you’re having a wonderful day, I am at the end of my Annapurna trek, what a lovely day, place to end it by beautiful waterfall, on a beautiful sunny day. It’s been a fairly easy trek today on a lot of like, road track type thing, gravel road, so it hasn’t been tough but it’s been fairly downhill, so it’s, you still have to work hard, it’s been about a four hour trek and we’re just about coming to the end of the trek where, we’re gonna get our lift, back to Pokhara for the night. It’s been great, today nice and easy, leisurely breakfast, multiple cups of tea and yeah, last look at the mountains, last look at the snow-capped mountains, you still see them, you can see them from Pokhara, but it was a nice walk out.

So, hope you’ve enjoyed this series, I hope you’ve enjoyed our trek, through the Annapurna, we’ve certainly seen some wonderful sights, I hope I managed to capture enough of it for you, so you’ve got a good feel at, what it was like trekking through and just the scenery beautiful scenery we’ve, we’ve seen some of the tallest mountains in the world, if you think that Mount Everest is only about eight only, it’s eight thousand, six hundred metres and we’ve climbed up to four thousand, two hundred metres and looked at mountains over eight thousand metres and higher. Spectacular, it really was, an update on the beard, how’s it looking? as you can see, it’s almost fully grown in now, it’s time to get it shaved off, I’m not sure whether I’ll find, somewhere to shave off in Pokhara or then I’m going up to Pokhara tonight, then I’ve got the bus trip to Kathmandu tomorrow, then just one night in Kathmandu before I fly on to Mumbai India, so it’s, they are all possible places where I can look out somewhere to, get a good shave and possibly a bit of a haircut as well. Thanks for joining me on this trek, it’s been good to have you along I hope, hope you’ve had as much fun as I have, despite all the hard work, sweat, strain on the muscles, it has been fantastic, so I hope you’ve enjoyed, every step of the way every river and every mountain that we’ve experienced and yes, as I said we’re, coming to our end of our time in Nepal, just a very quick visit, enough time to do this one trek, then it’s to India and then wait and see.

And this is really it folks, oops and I got my ear, end of the hike, the car is in sight and just as well because although I’ve got battery power I’m on my last few minutes of sd card, so if this cuts off, it’s because I’ve ran out of memory. I can see over the other side of the river, I just want to get down here, of course one last bridge, yeah, I know keep saying last bridge, this is like a road bridge and then I’m on the car, probably sleeping in the back of the car, on the ride to Pokhara, see you then. And that’s it, made it, have a good trip, Don’t worry, they’re gonna wait for me, I hope they’re gonna wait anyway, okay, I’ll take the lift.

Oh, look at that, lovely and smooth, much better, thank you very much, you’re welcome, let me see..

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