Annapurna Hiking Trail Nepal Trekking in the Annapurna Mountain Foothills high altitude trek

Thank you for moving over for me, oh my goodness there’s a lot of them coming by and I’m on the edge Good morning there’s the mountain. My accommodation from last night people slowly stirring getting out of bed waking up, putting their packs on same as me. I’m just waiting for my breakfast now.

I had a lovely night sleep last night. I think a good solid nine hours sleep, which has been nice and early after some Momo a traditional Nepal steamed dumplings with chicken. Woke up again to a beautiful fresh morning we have clear clear sky, not a cloud in the sky today.

Annapurna Hiking Trail Nepal Trekking in the Annapurna Mountain Foothills high altitude trek Photo Gallery

It’s been unusual the last three days hiking we’ve had clouds, but today blue blue sky so hopefully be able to see plenty of the mountain all day, but we’re actually heading down today. Heading down to beside that river long around the ridge of this mountain where the sun is being bent around the corner there and then a little bit up to another camp a little bit closer to the mountain so we’re wending our way through these valleys and across these mountains towards the Annapurna base camp but in this cool mountain air, plus meters here, so I feel I might need a stretch this morning before I go hiking and certainly gonna need my breakfast which is on the way, pancakes and omelette not together of course pancakes and then omelette and then some tea an we’re on our way. I hope you’re doing well, I hope you’re having a great day as well.

I hope you are enjoying this, our trek through the Annapurna Mountains it really is spectacular scenery and I’m thoroughly enjoying it even though at times my legs and my lungs are saying anyway, let’s go get some breakfast. Okay, and it’s breakfast time, today it is nice and sunny and warm enough for even at this altitude to sit have my breakfast here’s my breakfast table there’s my breakfast view. and did I see inside the restaurant? oh no.

I came out here I’ve got a table outside anyone here think of all the other hikers inside think I’m a bit crazy which I probably am but hmm yes the sun, is so beautiful lovely warmth in it this morning. Just helping with the crisp mountain air. I’ve got a view of the mountains over there nice and quiet, birds chirping Here comes the rest of my breakfast.

Are you taking a post? You can hide from it. I have the heaviest breakfast Typical Nepalese heavy breakfast. The nice lightweight breakfast of gurung bread gurung bread that is deep fried, deep fried bread, milk coffee milk coffee and curry curry curry of peas and ground peas and some potatoes and a boiled egg boiled egg.

Yep, nice lightweight breakfast for your hiking. Don’t look down oh my goodness, it’s a long way down why did I look down? Oh, my goodness keep walking, keep walking I wonder what on earth they did before I can do it, surprisingly difficult to walk on these bridges especially these end bits. Okay, since you asked so nicely.

I will take you back and let you look down. Now I’m up in the sun up here still in the shade down there. I can hear the cascading water can’t actually see it so oh crumbs here we go, I don’t know what you can see, but there is a beautiful waterfall right underneath this bridge tumbling down, I don’t know, meters or so and then it goes even deeper that side, let’s just say if you fell down there, you wouldn’t be coming back.

Up hill slog for another rest point badly-needed that one. That was a long long slog up here, but got this beautiful look at this patch to rest in sort of in dappled sunlight filtering through these beautiful old trees, absorbing the fresh air lots of water and I’m hoping the next stage is a little easier on my legs. Want to know how bad the hill was? How popular a stopover this is here you go everybody stops here for a rest.

We have been tracking, oops, as I fall down a hole, all morning now. It’s quite early on. It’s been tough in places both up and down but we’re still going and it is hot I don’t know what altitude we are at coming up and down so much but ooh toasting I’m missing my hat that I left it a lunch stop couple of days ago.

It’s the second cap on this trip, anyway I hope I’m not getting too toasted especially as I’m in shorts today. Look at these rice terraces, clinging, I mean look at it there is no way up here, but to hike for several days these people live up here grow their rice live in these mountains. The river is way below is now I don’t know if you can see down there down there there’s the river that we’ve climbed up from since, just the last couple of hours, so we’ve done quite well from that perspective.

Oops, I’ll just bring you around here. there we go, I first got a reasonably flat path, that I can chat to you for a bit on just keep you updated, let you know I’m still alive, still all in one piece, in fact look at that more pieces than ever, how’s the beard going? Oops, and I should concentrate when I’m quite close the edge of a quite severe drop down that side I think I’ll move this side the path, but yeah, okay. Enjoying it, found a nice quiet patch in the trail obviously there is one major trail every treks along so you do meet up with people.

It’s great to chat with them occasionally meet some make some new friends, but at the moment I’ve found a beautiful quiet patch Where as over on this side I can hear the river right down in the bottom of the gorge. I can hear the birds and insects. How about that? Beautiful, really is nice.

The air is so fresh and clear. But my legs well, my calves are definitely telling me that they are they’re working hard, but we’re still walking we’re still going and we haven’t even got to the tough stuff yet. We’ve got lunch fairly soon I hope, although I’m not that hungry after my big breakfast, we’ve got lunch, got a four to five hours trekking after lunch then we’ve got a similar day tomorrow seven to nine hours depending on the pace and that’s on fairly easy trekking same as today, according to the guides, that’s easy for them not for me, and then the day after that we’ve finally got the tough day to get up to the base camp so I’m hoping that I get plenty of rest in at the day today.

And don’t tire myself too much out on the trails, trying to pace myself trying to keep going, not spend all the day resting, but keep going so I’m building up those muscles building up that stamina, but boy, by seven thirty eight clock I am ready for bed. Hiking out in the fresh air all day climbing and then a good solid meal, fill up. Then it’s lights out and it hardly seems any time at all before time to get up, have breakfast admire the view and get trekking again.

But it’s a wonderful experience it really is, the people are amazing the scenery well as I keep showing you like nothing I’ve ever seen before I mean it’s, trying to show you in these posts the what it’s like, but the size and scale of these mountains. I mean that, you know, may look like a hill to you up ahead here. That’s a mountain that over meters meters.

That’s four miles high Just let that sink in these people probably are living two miles two and a half miles above sea level, at what we normally live at, quite incredible. Anyway quit stalling now, my guide has gone ahead, there’s quite a few places here so I’m guessing we’re nearing a lunch stop. I will update you at lunch.

Unbelievable, people really are.

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